MIB’s Touch

Written 17th March

Is it just me, or did they start focusing on “touch”, except in relation to Flocke/his group in Recon? Claire held Kate’s hand very carefully when Flocke was reassuring Zack/Emma that he was going to keep them safe. Kate looked a little confused by this (but then again, Evangeline Lilly always looks kind of confused and pouty haha). This is before the slap heard ’round the world…

Then they focus on Flocke touching Kate’s hand… and then the hug between Claire/Kate.

I could just be analyzing things too much, but just wanted to see if anyone noticed this as well? They did focus a long bit on the shot of Claire holding Kate’s hand… and we know Jacob’s touch means something… so this could be the flip side?

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SUPERFLUOUS THEORIES: 1) "Uh-oh," said by Miles, is the biggest answer we'll get. 2) Last scene is Vincent opening his eye from his dog nap. 3) Series spin-offs will include "Hurley and the Search for the Last Cheese Curd" and a Lifetime Original Movie "Run Away and Blow Up The Stepfather Who Turned Out to Be Your Dad: The Kate Austen Story".

3 thoughts on “MIB’s Touch

  1. Just to clarify, When Locke held out his hand to Kate, she didnt take it.. This i think will be very significant.. And i think Claire holding Kates hand will affect Claire instead of Kate?
    I dont know, but something about touching is going on here!

  2. I had totally forgotten I wrote this! So many other theories about touching have popped up since then. I’ll have to watch the rerun of Recon next week (do UK/other viewers get this pop-up facts version every week too)?

    Good looking out, SawyersGirl45… I hadn’t considered that. Just wondering if Jacob can give “gifts”– whatever that means– maybe MIB can as well? Hmm…

  3. my take on clair grabbing kate’s hand is that it showed how much she was controlled by locke. she is like an extention of locke, locke was showing compassion to the kiddies and the other others, trying to reassure them that everything will be ok, and clair goes grabbing kate’s hand, kinda like to make her feel like everything’s ok. but i do agree with you there is something going on with the touching, mib’s touch infects them perhaps?

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