What if? + a movie ^^

I hadn’t read all the latest theories, so im sorry if im reapeting something..

I will make this short, two things


a friend of mine said an interesting thing, “what if” jacob and MIB har something more then just humans  (obvious), and jacob and MIB stands for two different forces (obivous), jacob knows what MIB does to the mankind if he’s loose in the “real” world, so “what if” jacob captured MIB on this island, and jacob choosed to be in there with MIB, so he had full control over MIB, “he locked himself away with MIB on a strange “island” and throwed away the key”


This is a fast theori i came up with from the last episode (s06e08), don’t know why this came in my head but, “what if” jacob and MIB is the same.. person?, a split personality transformed into two living persons, (like Nikki and Jessica in Heroes), it’s like he’s trapped on the island, with a game against him self, imagine yourself playing chess (backgammon) with your self, it’s almost impossible to win, if your not able to make a “loop hole”.

And for last, i made a shortfilm about my cat who crashed on a strange island.. ^^

She will change the future, by changing the past! (opens in new window)

/Andy Sweden

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