I am doing yet another re-watch, and I just realized how much I miss her. She seemed like such an important key. It was like she knew so much and was always just on the verge of spilling her guts completely. But what bothers me the most is that when she was with the Losties when they were traveling through time and stopped in the 50’s and the others are speaking in Latin, and she tells them that it is Others 101, why does she call them others, she was on of Them, why do we not ever know what they call themselves (and please don’t quote Locke from season two (we all others to someone)?
Another thing Desmond knew a lot too and never really spilled the beans, he watch Inman make that map, when Sayid takes the boat from him at the end of season 2 and says he is headed to the north shore, he says, “oh, going to see the hostiles are you?” Maybe he just heard about them from Inman but why he believe him about that after he lied about the need for those injections and the quarrantine?

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Hi. I am an uber Lost fan. Admittedly, I jumped on the bandwagon a little late, halfway through the third season but thanks to the DVD's I am all caught up and do frequent re-watches. BTW my new image reflects my love/hate relationship with Lost. I always feel like I am on the verge of blowing up at the end of every episode because when I think I finally figured it out, nope the rug is pulled out.

2 thoughts on “Juliet

  1. Yeah. If we knew what Desmond and Juliet knew we wouldn’t be HERE. (They might not let us live, though.)

    I think she called them the Others because she was never REALLY one of them. Just went along just to get along (and live).

  2. thats why i cant stand Juliet!!
    Why didnt they just tie her to a chair and force her to talk!! why didnt they ever ask that extra question!!

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