Jacob……not good.

Alright, now the writers have done all they possibly can to show us how great of a gentleman Jacob is. This walking ray of sunshine cares if people get a second chance. He baptises people as if he was your local pastor. He’s brutally honest (“honest” being a rare word these days) to Richard replying with “They’re dead.”, without hesitation. He even makes witty metaphors involving a wine bottle which everyone on here seems to love talking about.

So Jacob is just a Jacob huh? He’s just your ordinary fella walking the beach of an insane island all alone. He will occasionally give someone eternal life. He will bring people to the island against their will (don’t even try to argue that) in order to say “Hey, evil guy in black! See? I told ya, people can be good!”………… What an EXTREMELY unimportant reason to ruin so many “normal” lives back in the real world. If you want to say that his true reasoning for bringing people there is to replace him, that’s fine. Then you also would agree that Jacob is bringing people there against their will, despite what it looks like. He doesn’t tell Ilana “If my potential candidates choose to venture to the island, would you mind helping them out?”…….Their arrival to the island was always set in stone.

There’s still more to Richard too. There’s a good reason that one of the most knowledgeable people on the island is so convinced that Jacob is a liar. He’s been on the island for about a century and a half, and has seen how Jacob conducts business more than any other human we know of. My gut tells me to listen to this guy.

Do you really think Jacob is trying to keep evil from spreading across the world? Does he really want MIB trapped on the island? Then why the hell is he bringing people there? Why the hell is he tampering with this? Why can’t he just let MIB remain there without any interaction with anyone? You’d think that wretched, putrid evil spreading across the globe would be a rather important thing to prevent. Well, now we have a few losties that are on their way to helping this “evil incarnate” out. A few losties that Jacob seemed hell-bent on bringing there in the first place, many years ago.

Oh, and aren’t the numbers 4,8,15,16,23,42 supposed to signify the end of the world somehow? Aren’t they the numbers that Dharma spent years trying to change in order to save the world?………..What the hell are you doing Jacob? You have these exact numbers somehow connected to these losties. Are these six candidates here to bring upon the end of the world? What are your frickin intentions man?

The MIB might not be lying when he tells Richard who’s in that statue.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

21 thoughts on “Jacob……not good.

  1. Chronologically this is how I see it:
    1st revolution of time:
    (A long time ago)- a special island was created (How? no idea) but we know it houses a terrible evil in it. There is also a man there (Jacob) to protect the island and make sure the evil never leaves.
    (Long time ago-1960’s)-Throughout time, people have found this island and Jacob gave them free will to try to find their way but the MIB killed them all.

    (1867) — Black rock crashes an everyone onboard is killed including Richard
    (1867-1960’s)- People find the island, MIB kills them, Jacob doesn’t interfere.

    (1960’s-2004) Time went on and DHARMA found the island and figured out a way to keep the evil out (sonar fences) so the evil could never kill them. DHARMA went on to create stations, barracks, and did their experiments and Jacob let them live in peace to try to prosper. Then sometime after 1992 an incident happened caused by DHARMA, everyone on the island died, the island sunk, and the evil was released out into the world.(this event could have happened anytime between 1992 and 2004). I tend to think this happened just before the FSW plane 815 flew over the recently sunk island. Hence, there was still turbulence but no crash. The energy missed the plane mostly.

    (Sept 22, 2004) desmond doesn’t hit the button, Oceanic 815 doesn’t crash and the MIB is released into the world. We see Oceanic 815 fly over a sunken island and we then see the lives of the people we come to know. In this time (Sawyer as a cop, Jack has a kid, ect…) there is an evil that is slowly taking over the world and soon will infect everybody and lead to doomsday. Jacob knows that doomsday is imminent so he goes back in time to try to change how things play out.

    2nd Revolution of time:
    (1867 take 2)-(These are the scene on the beach and with the wine bottle) MIB is also aware of this reset and he feels trapped again. The only way out is to kill Jacob. MIB starts to work on his loophole. At first he thinks small and gives a guy a knife and says, “Go stab that guy”. Nope, that doesn’t work. Jacob now enlists the help of just recently shipwrecked Richard. And gives him a job and immortality so he can make sure time doesn’t repeat it self and still let people help themselves. Jacob and Richard know they need help and Jacob starts to bring people to the island to 1. Save the island 2. Keep MIB trapped 3. Get rid of (1992 purge) DHARMA before they sink the island and release the evil again. 4. Find a replacement.

    (1950’s take 2)- time traveling John Locke prophesizes his own coming. This is when MIB sees how he can kill Jacob. It’s just going to take 50 years. Jacob also knows about this and wants to find out what that’s all about. He sends Richard to recruit Locke at a young age.
    (1950’s-1990’s take 2) All of the Flashbacks and time traveling from the previous seasons occur.
    (1992 take 2)- Jacob orders the purge. DHARMA can’t release MIB now.

    (1990’s-2004 take 2) More Flashbacks and Flash forwards from the previous seasons occur. Jacob knows that a plane flew overhead just before MIB was released so he goes to find these people and picks out a few special ones. He brings these candidates to the island to finish his checklist.

    (Sept 22, 2004 take 2) Desmond doesn’t hit the button and 815 Crashes. .
    (2004 take 2)Everything on island from season 1-5 happens.
    (2004-2007) Flash Forwards occur from past seasons.

    (2007)- Jacob is killed and MIB completes his Loophole. But he still needs to escape the island to infect the world. For now Flocke is still on the island but he did some fancy shit there to pull off his loophole and have Jacob Killed. But of course Jacob has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

    This could be the big mind fuck that everyone gets in the last moments. Kind of like “That happened before…wha.. happened before the flashsidways… wha… they were really flash way backs to a previous time line. Wha.. WHA…!!” As the audience we will watch the flash-sideways and see doomsday and Jacob going back to try to change the outcome. Which will lead right into season 1 when we see Jacob trying to stop MIB and MIB trying to find his Loophole. It’s like a wheel it goes round and round. It’s Brilliant!!

  2. I’d like to think you’re right Mixon Dixon, but let’s pretend the end of the world is actually a big deal.

    Jacob’s goal should’ve always been “Step 1: Don’t let anyone reach the island, ever. Step 2: Find a way to exterminate the man in black. Step 3: profit. ;)”

    If humanity’s end rests on whether or not MIB leaves the island, then what is Jacob really doing besides giving MIB the tools to do so?

    Either Jacob didn’t realize that MIB needs people’s help to leave the island, therefore being a moron by bringing people there, or he’s helping MIB out by bringing people there on purpose.

  3. You make some fair points. Jacob isn’t being shown as a goody two shoe though. While black and white is big on lost, I think they are trying to show that with people, there really is no black and white, just shades of grey.

    If Jacob really was going to end the world and seems to be at odds with MIB, wouldn’t MIB not want to leave the island, but stop Jacob’s plan? That’s the one thing that doesnt fit…

  4. Ok, Chief, take a breath, let it out slowly. I know how you feel, but I think that you might be wrong. I have been doing yet another re-watch and I am in the middle of season 4, and I know how the writers like to foreshadow, so here was my hint that MIB is indeed evil (although every week I find myself waffling). Remember in the Economist (Sayid centric) when Sayid says, when I start listening to Ben, that’s when I know I have sold my soul to the devil? Well, he jumped waaayy off the path of redemption after he got back to the real world (because the love of his life was run over) so he decides to kill everyone that Ben (emphasis on Ben) says is responsible. Take it one step further and he even shot a denfenseless child that helped him escape (talk about another extreme case of being responsible for your own suffering)when they flashed back to 1977 (I know, it was Ben but it was before he lost his innocence). This might just be me grasping at straws or trying to re-affirm my belief that the writers were going to be as straight forward as possible for them, they do give a lot away on the podcast (if you can tell their brand of saecasm from the very rarely serious tone, so that’s my theory and I am sticking to it (until next week, at any rate).

  5. I know exactly what you mean ekolocation. I can’t figure this out either. That’s primarily why I tried mentioning MIB as little as possible in the theory.

    What gets me is how we’ve seen similarities between the two. Dogen mentioned a similarity right before he died regarding the way they both sucker people in. Also, “Thrust the knife into his chest before he has the chance to speak” was said about both of them as well.

    We still have much to learn about these guys. I’m more anxious now than ever to see how it plays out.

  6. Cocoadoll, I forgot all about what Sayid said regarding Ben. Excellent job on that. I could very well be wrong. I just don’t get Jacob’s true intentions. He contradicts himself it seems. According to him, his job is to keep the evil bottled up on the island. Yet, he brings people there for what exactly? A second chance? C’mon, really?

  7. Chief, on Lost, as in life, there are no absolutes, just one big fat grey area. I guess it is more or less the lesser of two evils when it comes to Jacob v MIB. Everyone contradicts themselves on Lost as in life also. Maybe you shouldnt be so skeptical, he is a friggin’ idoit if takes a person like Richard to make such an obvious point as “If you dont, he will” (in regards to contacting/tempting/corrupting/nudging down a path). MIB is the man with a plan and hate in heart and no body/humanity (and why is there not more chatter about that line?).

  8. Cocaodoll, I agree there’s a balance in life. There’s a balance with everything. Too much of anything isn’t good, yadda yadda yadda. Feel free relating that to Lost if you wish, I’m not going to get into it..

    “Maybe you shouldn’t be so skeptical” you say. Are you on the right site? I come directly to this site so that I CAN be skeptical. You must agree, this show/island is crazy. We could easily assume there’s some major twists that have yet to be revealed.

    If Mixon Dixon is right, if this final season “is as it appears”….boring.

  9. im liking your thoughts Chief, i don’t know if i agree with them or not; i suppose we won’t find out until the end of the series but hey ho.

    the only thing i will say is that since the S5 finale, it has been assumed that Jacob is good and MIB is bad. This still sort of seems to be the case during this season but there have been a few seeds sown that might mean that Jacob is bad and MIB is good. Personally i think that this may be the intention of the writers; to throw a bit of uncertainty into the mix just to keep us viewers on our toes. If this is the case then i reckon that they are double bluffing us (maybe). Jacob will probably turn out to be the good one and MIB will probably stay the bad one.

    I think it all comes down to the rules that they are both playing by; rules that we don’t know yet. When we find out what the rules are an who set them then i think everything will become clear as to who is good and who is bad.

  10. I_Am_Jacob, you could be right. I’m thinking they’re triple bluffing us though. It’s becoming a trend in TV writing. Reverse reverse reverse psychology has shown staggering results in the audience’s reactions in the past.

    Okay, sorry….but like you said, it could all very well be a big ploy by the writers to get some people like myself, the more paranoid crowd, to really start wondering about all of this. You’re right about the rules too.

  11. I’m sorry, I’m going to have to disagree. I think at this point in the series, midway through the 6th and final season, they are ACTUALLY answering some questions. Throwing in another plot twist where Jacob is actually the devil will just annoy the viewers. Jacob represents the good that can come of every person and MIB represents the potential that every person has to be evil. The main theme that the show has been grappling with has been the idea of free will. Jacob wants people to figure things out for themselves instead of just telling them. I really think that the writers hit us over the head with a mallet this episode that MIB is evil.

  12. Chief, I haven’t read any comments yet in fear of forgetting what I have been thinking about related to this.

    If MIB is not “evil” and if the Sideways timeline is somehow attributed to his influence or lack of, I find it interesting that some of the things have been “good” (like Jack’s relationship with his son, Locke’s acceptance of his disability+Helen, Claire choosing to raise Aaron) but not all. I’m not sold on this idea (the timeline thing being only attributed to one or the other) but it is interesting to think about the implications of what you are talking about.

    I liked the bottle. 🙂

  13. ImissCharlie – why? He was a terrible musician.

    Many people are agreeing with you, and that’s cool, follow the crowd (I’m kiddin). I’m just not sure I can picture this show ending without a major WTF moment. They know better than to spend all season showing us (mostly) boring clips of an alt timeline, and then ending the series without a major kick in the crotch.

    Kimberly – I just now saw your latest theory. I wasn’t referring to you when I mentioned it. I just recall seeing a lot about it yesterday. Onto your point though….

    No kidding. Since there’s essentially no more island in the other timeline, either MIB’s no longer alive/an essence/a being/kickin’, or he’s escaped out into the real world.

    As you mention, everyone seems okay. Even Sayid seemed like he was doing alright without Nadia. Let’s not forget, he killed some crooked bastards that were threatening his brother and his family. It’s not like he murdered the paperboy for missing the porch.

  14. So going with this thought…the Sideways timeline is “they are who they are” in their purest form, in a way…

    There are multiple reasons I can contradict myself on this thought of attributing MIB to one timeline and Jacob to another though. One of them is that on island, Flocke keeps offering things to people if they follow him…take Sayid for instance. He isn’t with Nadia in the 2004 Sideways timeline, but does that mean that it’s something we will see? Claire will be with Aaron because she’s choosing to keep him. Sawyer will be “off the damn island” and he really doesn’t have much ambition beyond that…although I’m sure it has something to do with not being alone. So how does it all figure in? Maybe I’m both contradicting and proving my point here.

    Hmmmm. Time will tell.

    And way to bring up Sayid and one more ambiguous good/evil deed there with Sayid…that is actually exactly what I was referring to somewhere in my bottle post. 🙂

  15. You know i thought exactly the same.. I was thinking ‘Wow what a selfish dude.. Bringing all these people here and ruining their lives just to prove a friken point!’

    But on my rewatch it occurred to me that hes bringing people to the island (and ruining their lives) to find a replacement to stop locke leaving the island and ‘releasing Hell on earth’.. And because no matter what theyve done in their life, it doesnt matter on the island, so they can find peace and redemption within themselves.. Which is basically ridding themselves of past sins .. Which is good 🙂

    Am i stupid for only figuring that out tonite? Yes.

    Am i proud of myself for figuring it out all by myself? Definitely!

  16. “Step 1: Don’t let anyone reach the island, ever. Step 2: Find a way to exterminate the man in black. Step 3: profit. ;)”

    LOL, but dont you worry about Step 3, Charles Widmore has that covered VERY well.

  17. I’m just glad a couple people understood the underwear gnomes thing. I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I typed it. I guess it just made sense at the time 🙂

    Sawyergirl and Loophole-finder –

    I realize it’s kind of late in the show to start looking for misdirection. Maybe I’m just really hoping the writers still have something up their sleeve. Some think that last episode basically set everything in stone, and I can’t even fathom the thought of that.

    If what we’re seeing is how it really is, then I’m personally going to be extremely disappointed. I have no respect for Jacob’s character if he’s literally just a guy that I referred to him as in the first paragraph of this post. There’s got to be more to him….a LOT more.

    His motives seem outright stupid right now. It’s as if he’s so obsessed with letting people make their own choices, that he’s willing to let the world die by MIB’s hand in the process.

    “Go ahead Ben, if your choice is to kill me, the protector of this ENTIRE PLANET, I’m just glad you’ve made a choice to do so.”….Don’t tell me that’s not how it basically went.

  18. Oh God! I cant stress enough how much i hope it all ISNT as it seems!

    I need some huge twist in all this to keep me interested. I basically agree with what your saying.. Just to a certain extent .. I think?

  19. Sawyergirl,

    I agree. That’s basically what I’m saying. I just want this show to get interesting again. If Jacob’s good, MIB bad, then we still have 8 weeks to learn about the other major mysteries. What’s the island? and what’s Christian’s deal. I’m afraid of there being nothing but fluff in the meantime. This season’s already been rather fluffy. And yeah, gimme a damn twist.

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