The Black Rock and the statue are connected!

Written 22nd March


Here is the usual disclaimer…if anyone has said this before then im truly sorry.

Picture this. Jacob and MIB are on the beach. MIB gets all angry over something, i dont know maybe the fish isnt cooked to his liking. He becomes smokie and in a fit of rage rips the statue from its plinth and hurls it far out to sea. The result of this is a giant tidal wave that also washes the Black Rock inshore.

This explains the broken statue, the lack of rubble around it, the Black Rock being so far inland and MIB’s hatred for badly cooked fish ;O)


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Loving Lost! I keep having different ideas about the programme so i'm glad I can come on here and put them forward. I still subscribe to the theory that Locke has been MIB since the plane crashed.......

3 thoughts on “The Black Rock and the statue are connected!

  1. See how crazy this sounds when your post doesnt go up for 2 weeks. Same thing happens to me all the time. Why can’t we post directly on the site like so many other people?

  2. hey man, its annoying, but my posts do come up straight away and I am relatively new. But we readers understand that, as it is obvious the show has not aired when this comment was made, and so we understand, appreciate and tolerate the craziness. Because we are crazy ourselves without having seen the episodes.

    My grandmother had a sign in her house that read “You dont have to be crazy to live here. But if you are, it helps!”

  3. This post was written on 22nd March – not two weeks ago.

    I apologise for your posts not coming up straight away, due to reasons away from the site I’ve not been able to get on much over the past week.

    I will change your account over so that your posts will show up straight away.

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