Don’t talk about Bacon

I was just gonna wait for someone else to post this, which I’m sure most of us fans who get way into Lost are probably researching right now, but i couldn’t wait…

The conversation between Miles and Lapidus, Lapidus says “Don’t talk about bacon”.  Francis Bacon was a philosopher, scientist and author.  I’ll let you do the research on wikipedia, he is famous for the scientific method and is also noted as having “His dedication brought him into a rare historical group of scientists who were killed by their own experiments.”  Maybe like the Dharma Initiative.

He also wrote a book called New Atlantis, which makes me feel like the writers of Lost are just taking the most obscure books out there and putting them together to make a show.  But this book has everything, again you can do the research, but here are some key points:

– takes place on an island called Bensalem (the island/my next vacation spot)

– discovered by the crew of a European ship (Black Rock)

– trip was sponsored by a scientific institution (Dharma/Hanso Foundation)

– travelers are quarantined to the “House of Strangers” (temple of the Others?)

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13 thoughts on “Don’t talk about Bacon

  1. You want to know what even crazier…many of the books Lost takes from are well known for the same thing…Many of them carry their own allusions and references…Its like slipping a dvd on a book shelf in the library…

    Good post and excellent research on Bacon…I saw your title and said to myself “he did not just post a stupid bacon comment in the theory section…”.

    I never judge a book by its cover though, and am happy to have opened yours…great post!

  2. and here i thought he was talking about the juicy gooey deliciousness of pig fat! very very good catch, probably one of the post impressive i’ve seen on here. although you may just be reading to much into it, but nonetheless good post

  3. I thought this might be some sort of joke about how the writers seem to be obsessed with breakfast this season. See Keamy’s line “I make good eggs,” from a few episodes back. This random lines are making me bust so hard.

  4. Nice catch, Grego! I loved some of the one liners in this episode. When they turn out to be not only humorous but also carrying a hidden message to the fans, it can’t be much better, can it? 🙂

  5. Grego: YES! I love stuff like this! I love it when there are those comedic comments we all kind of gloss over but there is a little bit of meaning there… love it. (I think ilie may know this :])


    Love the reference to Francis Bacon/the parallels you draw with New Atlantis… so many allusions in this show sometimes, and I feel like even more this season! Good call.

    metaldude: Great connecting with the other breakfast comment… haha, didn’t catch that til you reminded me of Keamy’s comment.

  6. Haha @JacobsDoubleWide… I think it’s a fun allusion the writers could be throwing at us. Could be nothing more.

    You’re definitely right though– there should be some kind of regulation for shirts like that on guys like that… 🙁

  7. You thought I was talking about bacon? I should be more direct in the subject line.

    Lapidus definitely looked like I guy I work with, did he have on a gold chain on too?

    Here is an interesting fact about the Keamy breakfast that i got from reading on some other sites. Keamy is pronounced Kimi, and Kimi is the Mayan word for Death, which is fitting since he came to the island to kill everyone. He was eating an egg, which are symbols for life, rebirth, the soul. So a figure of Death was feasting on souls…do you want some?

  8. lol…you never know anymore around here, lol…

    great info on Keamy…although I think he may finally be gone…but who knows…maybe we’ll see him in the ‘war’…
    He did die on island…

    Keamy is/was one of my favorite characters when he is/was on. I never dug anything up on him because I felt he lacked importance on the show…(bang head against wall)…Im slipping…GREAT post and comments Grego…

    “Death was feasting on souls”…I’ll have some tea with mine please…

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