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that’s it! i give up! i am officially confused and have no clue how the show will end, i am getting bored with season 6 and them confusing up ever more!
so what i have now is that widmore is not on mib’s side, as i previously thought, whether or not he’s on jacob’s side we dont know. he’s gana fight mib for the island. but why would he even need to fight him cant he just be like peace out, you take the world ill take the island? im assuming he doesnt want evil to spread in the world blah blah but still. notice how he says they will sees to exist, he doesnt necessarily say “die”. therefor no apocalypse type thing is ganna come from mib, just the people who they are will seeze to exist, which makes me think that they will be different people. as in the people they are in the flash sideways. maybe?
another thing, if the package was desmond why did jin need to see it? is the package more than one person? is je ean in there too? is it just everyone who had a connection with the island? maybe arron too?
omg why is sayid so scary! also claires gana kill kate at the? maybe? i hope so! someone needs to!
ok im done, sorry to have wasted your time!

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i used to have a life before Lost. i remember a time when i had interests and hobbies, but now i seem to have acquired the ability to talk about Lost theories for 8 hours straight, then when i leave and have to hang out with people who dont watch Lost i find myself relating things they say to Lost. i may need help soon! Lostaholics Anonymous??

4 thoughts on “questions questions and random ramblings

  1. I actually thought this episode added some much needed suspense back into the show. Don’t you feel like we’re getting a bit closer to an understanding about the flash sideways?

    I don’t like how the losties on the beach decided to MOVE again. I’m so sick of that.

    Desmond scares me more than Sayid right now. When Des comes into the show, the next 30 episodes are confusing as hell, every time.

    I finally feel like we’re almost getting somewhere in this final season though.

  2. Yeah, unless Smokey’s gonna obliterate the entire existence of the universe, I’m pretty sure Widmore was just trying to be fancy with his words like all other rich people.

  3. thanks for the spelling eco i knew i was wrong but didnt bother to spell check. but it doesnt necessarily have to mean die as in boom shot you’re dead, i feel like a person can cease to exist as the person that they are but still exist as another person, kinda like change. but in the case of lost they dont really change from being one way to another, they are just that other way from the beginning due to spread of smoky

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