The Time Travelers Father In Law…

Charles Widmore knows the future. Lets face it. He knows Locke was going to arrive off island…and he knows there is a war coming to the island…how does he know…because something changed that has yet to be seen.

Remember when Charles talks to Ben in his loft, and Ben asks when he started keeping a bottle of whiskey by the bed…and he said “When the nightmares started”…THAT is how I feel he is learning the future.

Charles brings Des to the island to go back in time and tell Charles’s younger self about the war that is coming…Young Charles then orders that purge, and upon learning of his off island future, begins leaving, makes another family and is eventually kicked off for it…maybe not in that order.

His loophole is Desmond. Des tells him of this in his past (being sure to point out that he will return to the island), and although it doesn not directly influence the past physically…Charles remembers it in his nightmares that he tells Ben about.

Charles now has information that is vital to his returning…Locke is MIB/MIB is Locke, Des off island and able to be found, Penny and Charlie to be used as motivation for Des to do what he says, and of course ‘Team Widmore’ has successfully returned to the island. Desmond can now be used to give Charles the ability to return to the island simply by following his orders and flashing back to another time period.

Since he cannot physically travel as far as we know, I imagine by bringing him to the island and utilizing its properties it may enhance/evolve his abilities…and will most likely kill him…as much as someone can be killed on Lost. I think this may be hinted at before it occurs by us, the viewers possibly seeing Desmond reading/finishing “Our Mutual Friend” at some point soon…most likely the off island timeline.

Upon dying, he would be able to physically move through time, most likely creating a “Time Travelers Wife” type scenario between he and Penny. With this ability, he may be able to right some wrongs by doing something very similar to that which he does for Widmore, but for someone else…Locke…MIB…Jacob…?

Jack seems like the right ‘candidate’ being he has already been visited by Des on the non-crashing 815. I believe that he pays him a visit in the stadium from another timeline as well. Jack is important and Desmond knows it…Im just hoping that his ability is what I think it is…otherwise I have no clue as to what his purpose is.

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

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  1. I like this and could live with it. Also, remember what Desmond was originally doing on the Island. Pushing a button every 108 minutes in order to ensure that the E/M pocket doesn’t become uncorked.

  2. Good thoughts here AES.

    In a way, Desmond being used by Widmore to go to the past reminds me of Locke appearing to Richard claiming his right/role as leader according to Jacob. So…we’ve seen it done, we’ve seen how it has affected the big picture, and it did cost John Locke his life. It would be interesting to see another version of this type of scenario playing out with Desmond and Widmore. What you are proposing is definitely different, but I can see how the writers could go this direction given what they did with Locke.

  3. I think at this point with only 6 eps left that the writers will start to address some of the time related issues, so it is a fair bet that Desmond will have some purpose that answers those questions. Also, I don’t think we have seen the last of Penny…

  4. In “Because You Left” (Season 5 opener), the time flashes are throwing the Losties along with Faraday through time. Through their stops between the flashes, Locke talks to Richard and Ethan, who are both unaware of the flash when Locke disappears before their eyes. To them, Locke appeared and disappeared instantly.

    Faraday spoke to Desmond at the Swan, telling him that he is special and the rules don’t apply to him. When Faraday is about to flash to another time, Desmond looks around because he hears the sounds (indicating a coming flash)! Desmond was certainly special in that respect, as it was surely an indicator for how he is unique to the whole situation.

  5. I always had a thought that Widmore had to know the future also. Like you said: his “war” comment, knowing when Locke would appear in tunisia, and he also could have a hand in why the runway was built for the aijira flight to land. I never knew how until you mentioned Widmores “nightmares” statement and comment thats how he saw the future and then ….. ding! it came to me…

    Why Widmore can see the future theory:
    With his connection with Faraday and his financial contributions to Faradays research and tragic results, it would be safe to Widmore wanted something. REMEMBER THE RAT!! The one Faraday moved its concousnis ahead in the future. Where Faraday failed with Theresa, Widmore suceeded with himself. Just like the rat Widmore can see the future and he does through his nightmares.

    A.E.S- You just finally made it click for me what widmore is about. This totally makes sense. 108 stars!

    It would also explain why widmore isn’t completely all knowing, he just sees flashes in his nightmares. I Wonder how long he has been trying to piece together all the images from the future. He must of seen something bad that he wants to stop. Widmore stops the MIB which leads into the flash sideways??

  6. yeah, we are going to see some interaction of the flashing losties (on the boats) and I can definitely see desmond flashing and filling the “widmore/dharma” gaps.

    great post

  7. Stone…I really think Des is going to play the role of beginning Widmores journey back to the island and his nightmares…Charles knows Desmond will never be a great man…I can only imagine that he knows this from personally seeing it…and maybe now that Des is there, our thoughts can play out how we hope…thanks for the comment stone…

  8. Achalli…freakin genius thought on the button corking the energy with Mr Hume at the helm…so…when Des was pressing this button…and letting out the buildup of energy…was this also letting a little ‘evil’ out each 108 minutes?

  9. Kim…good comparison.
    I was actually thinking about when dan tells Des to go see his mother and Des remembers it in his dream…but your scenaio definitely makes for a good option down the ‘physical’ flashing route…

    Ive been so excited to see Des finally have his moment in the sun…Im sure he’ll screw it up somehow…after all…he isnt really a great man…and what happened happened… … … …

    Good thoughts, and thanks for the comment…I really like your new post (and urge everyone to take a peek) and will be there later for some discussion…

  10. Another theory on here proposes that Desmond becomes the new Jacob, makes sense in a way especially if the rules dont apply to him and he is special. Widmore may have knowledge of this as you claim.

    But he is not a candidate. Hmmmm.

  11. De…no, I think Penny will make at least one more appearance. I would love to see her and Des be together…but its so hard to imagine them having a happily ever after life…more like a “where/when the hell did my husband go again” life if anything close to ‘happy’…I do hope though.

    I would love to see at least one of the three couples make it (Jin/Sun…Pen/Des…Rose/Bern)…but I have to assume someone is Adam and eve (probably presumptuously)…my bet is on Rose and Bernard…

  12. Inquisitor…good thinking…

    How much does anyone want to bet that sometime very soon the wheel gets turned again…Ill bet anything…it HAS to get turned again…HAS TO! And it HAS TO be in the past around the time period of Ab Aeterno…

    Did I say HAS TO? Because it HAS TO!

  13. Heavysoul…I thought about that…and read that post…

    Its not that I dont think its possible…its just that I think Desmonds role is…dare I say…bigger?

    I still question who Wallace is…whoever claims the name…I feel will be the new candidate…where the hell is Walt btw?

  14. Regarding the outriggers: same here AES! I hope that ultimately the Season 5 outrigger scene just kills of some of these new extras…not anything ironically painful like Juliet killing Sawyer.

    Anyway, back to your ideas. The multiple options of how this might work is what intrigues me. I know the nightmares could be one way, but with Des on the island, it could be a whole new “method” of flashing the way that we saw in The Constant on the freighter.

    I personally hope he doesn’t screw it up…he’s had plenty of that already. I would like his ultimate final “shining” moment to not simply be limited to what we saw in The Constant and him finding Penny.

    About the FDW…I was just thinking about this with someone else the other day. I was talking about how originally the island moving chain of events are linked back to MIB, so If the FDW was turned now, with the remaining candidates on island, what would happen? Is it just that the island would move again? Or is there more of a “reset” type thing that could happen? Or would it be the end of the island? I have no idea, but I do think it’s something to tuck away as possibly coming again. What if Jack turned the wheel this time!?! 🙂 I keep feeling like there is just not enough time left… *sigh*

  15. Wow, nice one about Widmore knowing Desmond will never be a great man, AES. He always talked to him in such an arrogant manner, that it wasn’t normal that you made me think of that.

    Kimberly, I completely agree. I hope Des will get his “shining” moment in a great way. It would be so nice if he would somehow make the losties aware of their other versions. Man, there’s so little time left;)

  16. Great post AES, I like the idea that this is Desmond’s purpose. And also your explanation of Widmore’s nightmares – nice!

    Just read through the comments and thought about Widmore telling Desmond that he will never be a great man. Christian used to tell Jack that he would never have it takes, and I think we’re seeing the “self-actualization” process taking place within Jack now.. we might get to see that with ol’ Desmond soon too (both men playing different but vital roles on the island).

    See you in another life bruva! 😉

  17. Yeah, Eloise & Charles discussed how they know the future from Faraday’s journal…. Remember, this is the first time in a long time Eloise doesn’t know what’s going 2 happen… Charles sent Des away from Penny all along so he would take the trip in the boat, and push the button. (I feel the writers basically told us this…)

  18. Somebody! ANYBODY! Please explain to my why everything I try to post never can be found once I press the button? Its so frustrating. I would like to hear what you guys think of some of my ideas…Sorry to put this here but I dont know what else to do.

  19. heavysoul…no worries…my posts are always a place for rants…I know how frustrating it can be…

    Are you by chance posting a link…because I believe links may sometimes be moderated.

    try reposting the same comment. A few months ago, I had a similar problem. I copied everything I did before I posted, then if it didnt show, I would just paste and try again.
    Hope you can get through, I am interested in your thoughts.

    Is a theory or comment disappearing?

  20. Kim…I just want them to show the damn scen…we all know its coming, and although it may be minor, it would be great to just…see…who…gets…shot…is it really too much to ask? Screw the island, screw MIB, screw Des, Jack and everything else…just show the scene…please.
    Now that Im done ranting…who do you think it will be?
    I think it would be fun to see Kate and Sawyer start to hook up, then they go in the boat and Kate gets shot by Juliet…thats drama…

    I really like the idea of a reset. Many feel that it is a way of cheating…like an alt time line isnt…
    I have faith in Desmond…him doing something spectacular is the first step towards how I think it will all end. Ive never really planned on something happening on a TV show for YEARS…so this is something strange for me. I cant lie…I have been getting a little nervous with Des off island still and the episodes counting down. I, and many called des on the sub…one more step for him…then I dont care what Chucky does with him. I think Desmonds abilities will at the very least allow him to say goodbye…I dont know who Im pulling for more…Des and Pen…or Jin and Sun…

  21. hasBen, good thinking on comparing Jack and Des being told about their NON-greatness from a father figure…I think Des and Jack will work together to help each other either achieve greatness…or do something in favor of the “bad guy” by mistake…Flocke has those shoes in the bag…and if he can convince Jack that he is good by manipulating him into believing that his father is on his side…he just might sway Jack…

    Of course…Jack is a moody bastard this season…he may just chuck the shoes in the ocean and keep on his own agenda…not likely, but possible…

  22. Sin…excellent call on the journal. I knew Eloise had it, but I did forget about her and Widmores conversation…you are correct in correcting me…but I still think that the nightmares mean something, and being Charles knowledge, he will probably use Des in favor of him getting the island…
    excellent comments, and thanks again for the correction…

  23. I don’t know if the pic is anything legit, I googled the lost island, and that’s what came up… I wanted it 2 be my avatar b/c I personally think the island is the main character in the show…

    Yes, I had to mention the journal, I thought of that right away. I do agree his nightmares mean something… I just can’t wait til next week, I wish Widmore would have an episode..

  24. Its not comments. I have no problem there, its everything I try to post, theories.

    I have a theory about the end and what may need to happen in order to stop MIB(nothing real specific on actually stopping MIB). Its a bit on the religious side of things. I am not sure but seems people have dropped that theory and actually for the most part I have to. There is no doubt there are many moral, philisophical, mythical, and religious undertones but I dont believe we are dealing with any actual religious figures or angels. However, I like to use the bible for examples to explain my theories because Good vs. Evil is so prominant in the show as it is in the Bible. I am so curious what others will think and it driving me crazy being unable to post.

  25. not going to lie…I love the premise…

    I have no idea. I dont know if Admin will check emails before tomorrow…I know she wont be reading theories on the site, she lives in the UK and Lost doesnt air until tomorrow night…

    I can post a blank theory and you can just write a long comment?

  26. That would be great I am actually trying to write it all out right now. Its nothing huge or all that scientific and it in no way ties up all the loose ends. I think its interesting though.

  27. AES, another thought about the Swan which I mentioned in another comment in another post. Remember that the tunnels underneath the Swan were blocked. This is noted on the blast door and mentioned Sayid. I once mentioned in a theory that they may have been blocked to keep Smokey out of the Swan.

  28. Another great reason to believe that Desmonds ‘specialness’ comes not just from the pocket of energy in the swan implosion…but making him free from possibly Jacob or MIBs influence.

  29. Achalli,

    i agree on Desmond being kept in that hatch, i think AES may be right about it not only to stop MIB from getting to him, but maybe Jacob also.

    Its been said about both Jacob and MIB ‘don’t let him speak to you, once he has its too late’, so maybe Desmond was ‘quarantined’ in there to protect him from any outside influence. Were either of them aware of his existence on the island?

    So i guess the question is whos ‘variable’ is Desmond? We know both Widmore and Hawking are aware of him, so i say Dharma are behind it.

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