Which mystery are you most anxious about being solved?

Written 30th March

Clearly Lost still has a multitude of unsolved mysteries, from the pregnancy issues to Room 23, and time is running out for them all to be given a full explanation  – which do you most hope will have a satisfying resolution and would be very angry at the writers/producers if they didn’t explain them before The End?

Personally I’m still intrigued by Walt’s powers and what was up with him being “special”, though I recall hearing that they might not go back to this as the actor who played him grew too quickly (surely this could be explained by normal ageing? Boys tend to shoot upwards during puberty don’t they?) Any thoughts on this?

I also wondered why only Jack, Hurley and Kate travelled back in time when on Ajira 316 and not Sun or anyone else as well?

Fairly minor points I know considering the grand scheme of things, but I’d appreciate them being explained properly!

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