Daniel Widmore, Charlie Pace and a triple love story

In tonight’s episode there is a triple love story. Desmond and Penny, Charlie and Claire, and Daniel and Charlotte.

The writers had to re-establish Charlotte’s presence (in “Recon”) so that Daniel could have that moment with Desmond. It echoes Charlie’s speach about seing the woman he loves (Chaire) when he dies. Daniel and Charlie, despite both being dead, come back to reaffirm that perfect love they found and lost on the island.

Interesting that Daniel never says anything about going over to talk to Charlotte. My sense is that he knows this reality he is experiencing is not the true one, and so anything he does is irrelevant. Perhaps he even suspects that he did not survive exploding an atomic bomb (duh!).

Charlie knows that only in death will he be united with the girl of his dreams. Claire was right there on the flight with him, and yet he makes no mention of it. The girl he loves is the one on the other side of the looking glass. The Claire from 2004 alt. is just an ersatz version of the real Claire.

Only Desmond can consummate his love affair, and then only by invalidating his reality in favor of another. The Desmond of Alt. reality will be doing his damnest to poke holes in the texture of fabric of space time.

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3 thoughts on “Daniel Widmore, Charlie Pace and a triple love story

  1. I thought Charlie did mention seeing Claire. Wasn’t the whole story about eating the heroin, almost dying, then seeing a beautiful blonde, all about Claire? Am I missing something?

  2. jericho, i believe Charlie was talking about kait. He mentions the girl in the handcuffs with the US marshal.
    Widmore tells Des that he must make a sacrifice, so maybe that sacrifice will be to not get with penny, with the possibility it will change something. Just going back to Des’s ep when he has original “time travel” experience and elouise tells him time has a way of fixing things, using the guy with the red shoes as an example.

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