They’re here…..

We all recall Jacob’s dying words to Nemesis. He tells Nemesis “they’re coming” and this makes Nemesis very apprehensive at the time. Charles Widmore has arrived aboard a submarine with a small group of people, including a Geophysicist by the name of Zoe. When Widmore and Nemesis meet on Hydra Island, war is quickly declared between the two, when Charles refuses to relinquish custody of Jin to Nemesis’. Nemesis requires Jin for his own plan to succeed in leaving ‘the island’.

At the end of the episode we learn that Widmore’s ‘package’ is none other than Desmond Hume. We are well aware of Desmond’s amazing talents of the mind when mixed with the proper amounts of electromagnetism contained on ‘the island’. His powers may be what Widmore et el, are relying upon to end Nemesis’ plans to leave ‘the island’ and/or permanently contain him. Widmore may also be planning on using Desmond’s powers and abilities to alleviate any problems caused by the existence of the two time lines.

Charles Widmore has a specific ‘agenda’ and he appears to be aligned with Jacob in preventing Nemesis from ever leaving ‘the island’. He is also trying to make certain that Nemesis’ plan doesn’t succeed with recruiting candidates to his side.

As Widmore states to Jin; “Jin’s daughter and Widmore’s own daughter and every living soul would cease to exist if Nemesis were to escape the island”. If Charles Widmore is speaking the truth, than indeed this must mean that Nemesis is either the epitome of evil, or whatever problems may have or will occur on ‘the island’ would cause the end of the Universe. Regardless, now that Jin has seen pictures of Ji-Yeon, his loyalty is guaranteed to lie with Charles Widmore.

Charles is initially upset with Zoe because she brings Jin to Hydra Island a few days earlier than Charles expected him, and questions her why she brought him in earlier than anticipated. Zoe simply passes this off to Widmore as ‘opportunity’. Zoe lied and this makes me believe that Zoe has an agenda of her own to fulfill. As a Geophysicist, she would study topics that include: the components of the inside of the Earth; earthquakes; volcanoes; weather patterns; the movement of tectonic plates; the formation of the Earth and other planets; properties of planets; potentially habitable planets beyond Earth; the geomagnetic field associated with the Earth; mapping and measuring the Earth; and the role of the ocean in the world’s climate.

Given the fact that Zoe specifically asks Jin about the ‘grids’ located on ‘the island’ which appear on the Dharma map that outline the ‘electromagnetic pockets’, it’s quite plausible that the ‘future’ of ‘the island’ and perhaps the world might be determined by Zoe’s skills and abilities when combined with Desmond’s unique abilities. ‘Timing’ is everything…. providing all goes as planned. That’s a lot of trust to be placed into the hands of two people who may have mixed views and emotions, in addition to very distinct ideas and loyalties of their own.

Given the role of a Geophysicist you have to wonder if they are looking at alternatives for other habitable planets, or another place to permanently send Nemesis to reside, so he will never pose another threat in future; or possibly restore what may have happened to ‘the island’ as a result of ‘the incident’ so it has no adverse effects on the rest of the planet. Zoe seems to be one step ahead of Widmore in some regard, and you have to wonder what she is up to and why. One more thing to ponder is that Sayid has just swum up to where Desmond is located on Hydra Island. Considering Sayid is presently void of emotions or any apparent conscience, how will Sayid deal with the events laid before him? And…the plot thickens.

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

6 thoughts on “They’re here…..

  1. I think that by “they” Jacob meant the losties that if put together uncorrupted have the necessary set of abilities to imprison MIB forever, but I do agree that Widmore is on Jacob’s side.

    What did caught me by surprise on the previous episode was knowing that Mr. Paik was the one responsible for killing everyone on the island.

    We will probably see what both Jacob and Ben truly are when they both face each other.

  2. locked, I initially thought, as I am sure others did that Jacob’s statements referred to ‘the losties’. However, Nemesis had already seen Sun & Frank and was unmoved by this.

    As we see in Season 6, Nemesis is unafraid by ‘the losties’. He immediately starts to attempt to recruit them over to his side. Therefore, when Jacob tells Hurley that somebody is coming to ‘the island’, and he and Jack go to the Lighthouse; afterwards Jacob tells Hurley that the people coming will find another way.

    The people Jacob was referring to and who presently pose a viable threat to Nemesis are, Widmore and his team.

    Thanks for your comment!

    The only time that Nemesis showed apprehension, was when Jacob made this statement.

  3. I agree about Zoe… (I read an interview w/ the actress, and she said her character was a big part of the show.) She DEFINITELY has her own agenda, and plans of her own.

  4. Hey Sinster, as soon as Zoe lied to Widmore about Jin, I knew she had something up her sleeve. When I looked up what a Geophysicist does, I got very excited!

    She is going to be an interesting character.

  5. Dabs, Zoe didn’t trigger anything on my radar at first but after reading this and thinking about it I believe this is a good possibility. Good thinking.

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