A ‘Wallace’ / ‘Wall-less’ journey

Candidate 108 is named Wallace. I believe this individual is crossed-out, but is also the individual Jacob was referring to in the Lighthouse, saying the individual was coming to the island.


I believe this individual is Desmond, who could be referred to as ‘wall-less’ in terms of his ‘abilities’.


Also, the summation of the numbers is 108, which could possibly mean that the combination of the candidates (represented by the numbers) equals (creates) a ‘wall-less’ reality.

What I mean by this is: Nemesis gets the candidates together (sum 108), they fly off in the plane, hit the ‘turbulence’, and the boundaries/walls of reality fall away — and they go from the ‘true’ reality, to the ‘alternate’ reality (similar to how they got to the 1970s).

Thus, their ‘wall-less’ journey.


By getting to the alternate reality, Nemesis escapes the island and is free to roam.

I also believe the ‘true’ reality will fade away if this occurs, thereby ‘ceasing to exist’ per Widmore’s statement.

Widmore knows this — as does Jacob, possibly — and Widmore knows of Desmond’s/Wallace’s ability to move from one reality to another, and somehow wants to use this ability to prevent Nemesis from succeeding.


I know the ‘Wallace’/‘wall-less’ thing may be a bit of a stretch, but…..

Alpert: change the ‘l’ to an ‘i’ (lower case l looks like a capital I), rearrange the letters, and you get = pirate. So…..hints are out there….  

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