Jacob = Nemesis (MIB) = Aaron

Written 7th April

prettyheavysoul wrote a thread recently about the possibility that Jacob is Nemesis. I believe this to possibly be the case. A few clues that I am working from (and please let me know where the gaps are, for I am sure they exist) are:


(1) Important people connected to the island cannot kill themselves. Examples: Jack trying to kill himself by jumping off the bridge, Michael trying to shoot himself, Michael trying to drive into a wall, Richard stating he cannot kill himself, Jack lighting the dynamite and it not going off…. Etc.

I do not know the criteria of why someone cannot commit suicide — not a candidate (Richard is not a candidate), but it has something to do with the connection to the island — I think I remember someone stating a ‘purpose’ had to be fulfilled first — another possibility is there is a ‘time constant’ that must play out a certain way (thus the time loop to get out of the time constant by Nemesis). In any case, I think the fact that Jacob could not kill Nemesis and Nemesis could not kill Jacob was because — well, they are the same entity, and it would be the same as committing suicide, which cannot occur. I am going to venture that Jacob and Nemesis are bound by many of the same ‘rules’ applied to the Losties, and one of those is the inability to commit suicide.

(2) The fact that Jacob and Nemesis appear as exact opposites of one another. In other words, are they two entities, or two opposite versions of the same entity? The black stone/white stone hints, the Jacob in white / Nemesis in black hints, the balance — it all lends to a yin/yang evil/good relationship.

(3) The statement made by the head of the temple to Sayid being identical to the statement made by Nemesis to Richard — something about not letting the individual speak a word before striking to kill him. Why the exact same statement? Well — perhaps because we are dealing with two sides of the same entity.

(4) Why was Jacob’s cabin called Jacob’s cabin? Based on the soot that surrounded it, I would say that it was Nemesis that was trapped in that cabin, and Nemesis who asked Locke for help. So why did it become known as Jacob’s cabin? Another connection, perhaps?


The ‘WHY’ is even harder to break into. I believe, in some fashion, that the island is another setting for the Garden of Eden. There have been references to Adam and Eve scattered throughout the show, and of course there is the ever-present component of religion.

I think the name ‘Jacob’ refers to Jacob’s ladder, and that somehow the island’s properties opened a portal to heaven/otherworld/spirit_world (this is why we see spirits on the island). One quick note about spirits: in some cases, they are manifestations of Nemesis, in other cases, they are true spirits. A good example of this is Richards wife — when she appears on the boat to Richard, she is a manifestation — when she appears with Hurley, it is truly her (sorry about the digression).

With the setting of Adam and Eve, we have Jacob and Nemesis. Jacob is playing the role of “God” (though he is not God, nor is he all-seeing or all-knowing). By the role of “God” I mean that the apple has presented itself (humanity’s opportunity to redeem and save itself), and Jacob is not involving himself in the matter (he is not getting directly involved — it is similar to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle — if one enters the experiment/test, one changes the results and invalidates the test. Jacob has set the play in motion, and is now waiting and watching humanity to determine its own fate via freewill. In the meantime, Nemesis is playing the role of Satan, i.e. — whispering in the ear of humanity, promising greater things to come if a bite of the apple is taken. As far as I know, there is no motive in the Bible for Satan’s sweet-talking.


Aaron. Well, this is a stretch but I’ll add it as a final thought. Aaron is too important to the story to not play a role in the end. Is it possible that he is ‘the man’, with both good and evil within him, that somehow ‘became’ Jacob and Nemesis?


If Nemesis wants to ‘go home’, where better than to the alternate timeline (obliterating the current timeline in the process) — and becoming Aaron in the alternate timeline (doesn’t Aaron flatline for a moment in the alternate timeline? An opening, like with Locke?), thereby ‘coming home’ and going full circle?

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