First and Last scenes of 6th season (a speculation)

just as in season 3 final episode when we find out we are watching a flash forward…

The first scene of season 6 shows Jack receiving the vodka bottles on flight 815, there is turbulence, the camera pulls back and goes careening to the bottom of the ocean where we see the island, sunk, destroyed, never to bother anyone ever again.

Following the commercial break we get into the season proper with the flash sideways that have annoyed many fans as being a useless contrivance. The assumption made is that the pre-title sequence is part of the same flash sideways as the rest of the episode.

WHAT IF – we have been given a glimpse of a scene from the season finale?

Just as season 5 had the Pierre Chang-Daniel Faraday intro in 1977 and then returns to the same event later in the season, this opener could be a third and more satisfying alternate reality. One that is desirable to neither MIB, Jacob or Widmore but could be fulfilling to all the 815s, Freighties and assorted castaways and innocent bystanders?

Perhaps some series of actions and decisions on the part of the candidates can orchestrate a new reality in which all the pain and sacrifice can be wiped away, leaving an awareness of all that has come to be. Jacob said it only ends once, the rest is progress.

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7 thoughts on “First and Last scenes of 6th season (a speculation)

  1. Haha, unfortunately I agree. Not everyone is going to live happily ever after in any reality because they still have to fulfill their “destinies”, such as Desmond causing Locke’s “crash” via not pressing the button and laying him out with his car. Pretty soon we’ll see Locke walking around in the ALT because it always works out the same. Unless they find someway to change it…maybe the 3rd reality is a possibility in that sense.

  2. for the reasons you state above, i do not think it will happen. theyve already done it that way a few times, why would they do it again for the end of the show? i’m expecting something a little crazier

  3. i was just about to make the same point that ekolocation has done but he got there first.

    i dont think they will do the same trick a third time.

  4. A similiar way of thinking to Andre7 has occurred to me regarding the sunken island which I had posted earlier. Like Andre7, I, too, think that the island was not actually sunk during the 815 flight in 2004 Alt timeline. The assumption was that that it was the same time, but I think it is a glimpse perhaps of the end or some other reality. THis was supported (sort of) by Ben’s converstion with his dad in the AltTimeline. The father (Roger) said to Ben that maybe they should never have left the island and Ben’s life would have been different (better). If the island was sunken, why would that comment have been made and no reference to it sinking?

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