Young Boy Apparition

This is not my theory–I read it on DarkUfo in the comments section, attributed to “Prenden2”:

“On the subject of ‘young Jacob’, seeing him slightly older inspired me to come up with a new theory; what if everytime MiB kills Jacob, he regenerates over a period of time and, when he reaches the age at which he first gained his powers, he regains all his control over MiB? This would force MiB to have to work to a strict timetable, he could only have a brief window-of-opportunity to escape the Island before he’s back under Jacob’s thumb. Thinking of it this way, the Loophole could be MiB’s plan to essentially knock the pieces off the board while Jacob is powerless; while he’s unable to help the Candidates.

Going by this theory, MiB becoming flustered each time he sees the kid could be explained by each apparition reminding him that his window-of-opportunity to escape is becoming increasingly shorter.”

This is such a good explanation for who the young boy is–when we first saw him, he was smaller and blond, now he’s taller/older/brown-haired. I checked on IMDB–it’s the same actor–Kenyon Duty, so I think it’s the same character, as Prenden2 has stated. He is the only person that MIB is spooked by.

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17 thoughts on “Young Boy Apparition

  1. Very interesting theory. As an addition, there could be something to do with the ash that was taken by Ilana, later taken by Hugo. It might be needed either to bring Jacob fully back or transfer Jacob’s power to Jack, which seems to be the thorn in MiB’s side, based on Locke’s look when he saw Jack walk into the camp.

  2. The boy was there too once again remind Smokey what he cant do. And we have seen before how much he likes to be reminded about what he cant do.

    If Jacob was immortal, why would he need candidates?

  3. Somebody suggested that maybe the boys are twins – the first one having blond hair, the 2nd having brown – representing the two stones, one light, one dark – good twin, bad twin – that sort of thing.

  4. maybe its a combination of the boy (jacobs spirit?), the new candidate (jack?) and then using the ash to bring them together.
    I like this theory a lot though, it looks like Jacob’s physical body being stabbed/killed has happened a lot of times, all part of the loop. Maybe each time MIB has used a different method i.e. he is still trying to work out how to kill him properly (“you know how badly i want to kill you?”) and seeing the boy shortly after, he realised that this time hadn’t worked either but yes, he still thinks there is a window of opportunity to escape.
    there definitely seems to me to be a feeling that the longer it goes on, the more MIB is making it up as he goes along. He didnt seem to know about Desmond being the package and resorted to just trying to kill him/trap him/stall him

  5. I like this theory a lot. Maybe Jacob will keep regenerating until there is a successful candidate, so he can leave too. The only floor in your theory that I can see is…….
    If Jacob is now a young boy who is getting older fast to eventually return as the powerful Jacob, how was he re born? And if he is this boy, how can he be a ghost to hurley?

  6. All very good points here. Monini, I’m just as perplexed as you are regarding the candidates. Are we absolutely SURE that one of the candidates will take Jacob’s place? Or do they serve a different function? Maybe to help Jacob come back to life?
    As to the twin idea–that’s a very plausible one–maybe one is Jacob and one is MIB. They were identical twins in their original lives, and somehow had a falling out. Smlocke is freaked out seeing the ghosts of him and his brother when they were young.

  7. Why could Richard not see the boy and others (Des, Sawyer) can? It’s very confusing. And the smile the boy has when he hears Smocke say “Just ignore him” is preety spooky.

  8. Maybe the young kids aren’t mib/Jacob. To me it seemed as if MIB was not afraid of the latest showing of the kid, which is much different from our first encounter. What if these kids are the real leaders of the island, and there playing one big game, for a long time now ive been thinking that there is either someone above jacob or that he was a candidate of sorts, to a prior “jacob.”

  9. or maybe MIB is so scared because he knows his soul is enternally stuck on the island, no matter what he does. who knows this show is nuts. in a good way obvi

  10. i’ve always thought the candidate thing has seemed a bit odd. Why after hundreds of years would Jacob let himself get killed?

    And if he knew he was going to be killed and leave the Island unprotected, shouldnt he have got his replacement sorted already?? I dont think that its the candidate’s job to replace Jacob, i’m pretty sure that they have got another purpose.

  11. If the kid is played by the same actor, they could be twins like ScrollLocke said. In Season 1 Hurley finds the book by Gary Troup called “Bad Twin”

  12. i too Believe the candidates may not be to replace jacob but maybe they are candidates who are able to kill MIB?

    im also intrigued of the twins, fire and water, good bad thing thats going on could the rabbit experiment have something to do with the young boys??? just a thought

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