Ash Circles and the Cabin

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on those ash circles that purportedly keep Smokey at bay – the ashes around Jacob’s cabin, The Temple, the mini-circle Bram made under the Statue and the stuff Dogen spread on Sayid’s chest all seemed identical to those of burned up Jacob that Ilana collects from the fire after he dies. Meaning…..what?

Another theory I read claims Jacob may have been killed many times before and keeps resurrecting, hence why there’s enough ash to for everyone to use, but this seems a bit unlikely to me as MIB and Jacob aren’t allowed to kill each other, and MIB getting Ben to kill Jacob seemed to be a first-time occurance.

Maybe they don’t come exclusively from Jacob…perhaps they can be the ashes of anyone who was against MIB and died on the Island? (And was subsequently cremated.) Or perhaps they’re from the original inhabitants of the Island, involved with the beginnings of the conflict between MIB and Jacob?

It was also hinted that Dogen had some sort of connection to the ashes, as they were rendered ineffective as a barrier against Smokey upon his death, so….what does this mean? Argh, too many questions!

Perhaps they’re not human ashes, but are actually made from burning Banyan trees? MIB certainly seems to have an aversion to these, maybe he fell out of one as a child? Was attacked by someone hiding in one one time? (though he is able to approach Kate whilst she’s sitting near one after Jacob has died) – Jacob may have been burning branches of it under the statue then giving the ashes to the Others to use, hence a plentiful supply of them?

Though having just read Lostpedia again, I’m reminded that there are two different colours of ash – black and grey/white. Would these come from different sources/affect MIB differently d’you think?

The ash circle around the cabin was broken….someone else was using it apart from Jacob…..was it trapping someone in/keeping someone out beforehand?

I feel like the answer is staring me right in the face but I just can’t see it!!

And any thoughts on who “Help me” guy in the cabin was? A random thought I had, though I don’t know if this works continuity-wise, was that it was Horace’s ghost, as he build the cabin originally and the occupant seemed to have the same shaggy hair and dark eyes as him, possibly asking for help to…move on to the other side?

They’d better answer all these questions by the end or I shall be mighty mad!

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