Flashsideways – When/Where? Is Jughead even the cause?

Just a few thoughts on this pesky flashsideways which I’m really hoping will turn out to be integral to the storyline and not just worked into it because the writer’s have gotten tired of flashbacks and  flashforwards….

Firstly, many people have commented that the flashsideways timeline (FST from now on) is taking place in 2004, whilst the original timeline (OT) continues in 2007, so how can FST people be remembering stuff that hasn’t happened yet? I theorise that regardless of years and dates, the OT people have physically experienced all this stuff, e.g. Hurley and Libby dating, Charlie’s “Not Penny’s Boat” hand etc before the FST was created, therefore these “memories” are entirely plausible.

One thing that did confuse me a tad was Mikhail losing his eye in the FST, implying that it had happened before him meeting the Losties in the OT – technically true date-wise as he was shot by Jin in 2004, appearing with a patch post-crash in 2007. But then, other things point towards the OT influencing the FST- if I remember correctly, Jack in the FST couldn’t remember having his appendix removed, which his mother said happened when he was 7 – in 1977. Same year as Jughead explosion in OT, in which Jack had had his appendix removed. Coincidence? Methinx no. In this case things that have happened in the OT directly influence the FST, for instance Jin’s little swimmers (healed by the Island in OT) being good enough to impregnate Sun in FST.

Maybe the Jughead explosion didn’t so much as create the FST, but just affects it due to the massive amount of electromagnetism/nuclear energy involved.

But then again, maybe they’re trying to throw us off completely by making out that Jughead was crucial in creating the FST – I keep thinking that MIB is somehow related to it as well. People seem to keep saying that if he gets off the Island “It’s all over” or “Everyone we know will cease to exist”. This seems to be in someways even scarier than dying, and in the FST they’ve technically ceased to exist as they’re completely different people with no memories of their former/alternative lives.

So MIB getting off the Island would create a different reality, (or is it just a flashforwards?!) one in which the Island is rendered useless (no longer a buoyant cork, it sinks to the bottom of the ocean) and everyone’s lives are completely changed. And as they start to remember the real reality…they can put into action a plan to go back/across in time and sort everything out. Time travel will save the day in the end! If only people were a bit more forthcoming *cough Eloise cough* then we might have a few more answers by now!

Or maybe it’s all a dream.

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