Cabin Resident – MIB Original, escaped by speaking to Locke

Just a quick thought I had, I’m sure it’s full of holes but here goes – the cabin resident is the original Man in Black (Titus Welliver not being his original form, merely another dead guy who he imitates - “I just ate”) whose body was “stolen” by Jacob and trapped in the Cabin for unknown reasons.

Things to back this up – the obvious “Help me” said to John Locke (why not to Ben as well? Maybe only Locke, as being a candidate he was the only one capable of helping him.)

Ring of ash to keep him enclosed, broken when….Locke, a candidate, one who MIB Original had spoken to (as speaking to people seems to be quite important with Jacob and Nemesis) died and whose body was on the Island, therefore he could break out of the ash circle, take on Locke’s appearance and rejoin the rest of Smokey? Well that part kind of strung itself together out of nowhere lol.

But I think it could actually be feasible. Jacob said “So you found your loophole” upon taking one glance at MIB, meaning him taking on the appearance of a dead candidate?

But then if MIB’s body was stolen and trapped in the cabin, what exactly is MIB/Smokey/Flocke? His essence…soul….spirit? Maybe because he believes/supports corruption, fighting and death he was lumbered with a dark cloud that represents all he believes in?

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4 thoughts on “Cabin Resident – MIB Original, escaped by speaking to Locke

  1. i’ll throw this out there, after recent events i’ll say the person in the cabin is….


    No, i’m kidding, i think. Or am i?

  2. I see what you mean and your right to question about the cabin and the ring of ash. I mean what was the point of the cabin and ash ring, Jacob lived at the statue didn’t he???? Do u think ilana and co went to the cabin to check MIB was still there? Trouble is I think your theory must be wrong as smoke monster took the pilot in the first ever episode and john Locke did not find/visit the cabin till at least season 2 or 3.

  3. People dont realize how far back Smokey’s plan went back when it comes to turning Ben against Jacob and making Locke think he was the chosen of the island. It WAS MiB in that cabin and he only spoke to Locke because he wanted to make Ben resent not being good enough for Jacob. MiB needed a body that had access to Jacob and he needed a person that was mad enough to kill him.

    Ive never been a big Locke fan. My thoughts earlier on was that I knew he wouldnt end up being the champion against what ever evil that was on the island (although I still may be wrong about that) so I always thought maybe he was being played. Being a poker player, I dont have much respect for suckers. But when Smokey was telling Jack about what a sucker Locke was and how it was Jack’s fault (for bringing Locke’s body back) that he was able to take the form on Locke, I got mad as hell. It was like he was tellin yo’ momma jokes, and I was like “dont you talk about my Locke like that man!” Was kinda funny. Now I’m kinda hoping Locke has a chance for revenge.

  4. In response to LostAddict – I thought that too, but then the whole “stolen body” thing made me think that his original body and the smokiness were somehow seperate entities.

    Plus now we know it was MIB impersonating Chistian (if he’s to be believed) who was also in the cabin with Claire at one point (though this would have to be Smokey, not MIB Original as the ash circle wasn’t yet broken…so I’m not sure how that would work.)

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