May I Borrow A Cup Of Consciousness?

Recently I’ve been rewatching the film “What The bleep Do We Know?” (and also rereading the companion book by the same name) and some of the concepts in the film got me to thinking of a way to explain how the Losties consciousness are actually being connected. One of the questions that some scientests have been trying to answer with quantum physics is what exactly is consciousness? Another question some have tried to understand is where does consciousness actually exist? Some scientist think that conciousness, along with memory, may exist in quantum states outside of the brain. These ideas and questions are what got me to thinking. What if the Losties (actually everyone’s) consciousness actually resides in a realm outside of their bodies AND there is actually only one consciousness that all the versions of the Losties are continually sharing and have access to?

One of the more interesting things that scientists have found is that at the quantum level particles seem to be actually winking into and out of existence all the time. The question is where do the particles go when they leave our universe? Some believe that they actually go into other universes. So what if the Losties consciousness is doing the same thing? Based on this concept and what some New Age thinkers believe about the Akashic Records ( the vast realm where all the information in the universe is stored and underlies all of existence) this is what I believe is going on with the Losties linked in both of the universes. I’ll use Hurley as an example with this. although there are many Hurlies in many universes there is only one consciousness that is “Hurley.” Now this consciousness is shared by all the different versions of Hurley and very quickly jumps between all the different versions. This happens so fast that Hurley doesn’t realize that it actually happens. However, each version of Hurley only has access to that part of the conciousness that directly effects him i.e. memories. The whole consciousness, however, actually stores all the memories of all the Hurlies. Now, with the detonation of Jugghead, it is possible for the differnt versions of Hurley to access the information stored in his conciousness about the other versions of Hurley. Some of the Losties, like Libby and Charlie, seem to be more aware of this and Libby’s encounter with Hurley triggered his awareness of the other Hurley versions.

A good way to illustrate what I am proposing is to think about how the internet works. I’ll use email as an example. If you’re like most people you have your email account with a provider such as Yahoo or Google. Your email is not actually on your computer but stored on a server somewhere. You access your account and recieve all the email meant for you on that server. But what if something happens and you are suddenly able to access all the other emails stored on that server? This is basically similar to what I am thinking is going on with the Losties and their consciousness.

Now Desmond seems to be a slightly different case. Due to exposure to extremely high levels of electromagnetism he is able to access the different parts of his consciousness that pertain to his alternate versions at will. He now has access to all of his information and can utilize it. In this sense Desmond has become an administrator to his consciousness. Think of his consciousness in a similar way as how the admin for this site has more access in order to keep the site running smoothly.

For myself, this is an easy way to understand the link that the Losties are shareing with their alternate versions. If you think of it in terms of how computers and the internet works it is easy to see what is going on. Whatever explaination we ultimately get I believe that this is an interesting scenario to consider.

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24 thoughts on “May I Borrow A Cup Of Consciousness?

  1. So to follow your theory, maybe if someone dies, like Locke on the Island, and he is alive in another dimension, then he is not really dead. To really “die” you must die in all of the other universes… Maybe Island Locke is trapped like Michael, and cannot be set free until the Island reality ceases to exist. I have a feeling that the real John Locke will have a big part in the end of the story.

    Gee, I wonder what I am doing in my other dimensions…

  2. Dewildered, very good thought. I hadn’t considered how death would figure in with this. I would agree with your statement. Death in one universe should not necessarily effect the versions in other universes. Great thought, thanks.

  3. I like this alot Achalli. Why do you think all the memories seem to go only one way? None of the Losties that we see on the island suddenly remember what could have happened if the plane hadn’t crashed.

  4. Roland, I believe that the Losties on the Island have no ad their awareness of the connection triggered yet. Most likely, in terms of this theory, that is Desmond’s purpose. Remember that alt Hurley didn’t have his awareness triggered until alt Libby kissed him.

    Greatforsaken, that is a good, simple explanation. Thanks for the comment.

    Daddyx, I agree with you there. With all of my theories I’ve always felt that I’ve been providing possible explanations instead of just predictions. I also try to provide some thing unique and/IR interesting.

  5. I like this a lot Achalli.
    I saw this movie on dvd a few months ago, I was somewhat bored with it, but I did like the idea behind it.

    I think you are spot on with your thought there.
    I also think Dewildered is on with his thought on death.

    I harped on reincarnation for a while, and on the idea of how time travel and existing in 2 places has a toll on your soul. If there is no rest for all the consciences, then there can be no end to the souls journey on earth.

    I sort of touched on this a while back when we were discussing people being caught in a loop.

    It goes back to if the island traveled through time, and the losties went with it, and die in the past, then the future selves will do it, and so on…never allowing the soul/conscious to be at peace…it always has work to do.

    Now looking at the situation with the time period/ lines…you have done a great job applying it to the present on Lost.

    Very good thoughts and theory Achalli.

    Staying on the thought of reincarnation…what happens if someone is reincarnated, through science or spirituality, and another self still exists, ie…they didnt die…they were just reincarnated?

    On the topic between Roland and Greatforsaken…

    Its a good question…but we HAVE to stop viewing it from a timeline perspective…nothing is linear…nothing happened first…not yet at least…not from our losties perspectives.

    There is no line in the time on Lost now…the past and the present can be either or, and ARE either or depending on the way you look at it.

    Obviously the season 1-4, 2004 past is still relevant…but because there is CHANGE…2004 is repeated…

    So now, 2004 is the past again, and can affect the ‘future’ 2007 on the island.

    Things learned in new 2004 will most likely be REMEMBERED by the on island losties in 2007…

    Does that make sense…?

    Achalli…great theory…love the idea and agree with almost everything…

  6. Good conversation here. I like it.

    AES, I guess I was looking at it in a similar way yet different. You said, “things learned in the new 2004 will most likely be remembered by the on island losties in 2007.” I was thinking that the ‘new’ (no crash) 2004 Losties will be the ones remembering things from 2007, just like we have seen with Hurley and Sun. (I throw Sun in because obviously she remembered John in the ambulance scene. And she was remembering a 2007 version of “him” – or so it seemed.) I could see it going either way, but everyone on the island in 2007 seems closer to death than just sticking around and kicking it on the island for awhile. And since they are closer to death, but have this ‘other’ time where they have an ability to remember all that they had become in their island life, they can continue on with who they are in the ‘new’ 2004.

    From my little perspective, it makes any impending deaths (like if Widmore pulls the trigger on anyone to try to disrupt FLocke’s plans) make sense (or seem viable and not depressing).

    And of course, it brings it all back to hinge on these moments between Locke and Jack in BOTH “times”… they are both near death in one or the other, and then there is of course a dead Locke body buried there.

    I could be completely missing it though.

    Again, I like how this topic points toward a resolution that actually feels like a resolution for the characters, not just “answers” to all the questions.

  7. I agree with the memory happening already in the off island time.

    But I think it will go the other way as well…even if it is only the one that is supposed to replace Jacob, being either Jack or Locke.

    Maybe one of them will be the ones to remember ON island replacing Jacob…


  8. Interesting thoughts Achalli….I don’t feel that we are speaking about ‘alternate’ versions of people’s ‘conscious minds’. Einstein stated the following: “The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion”.

    In 4th dimensional space, the past, present and future are said to co-exist simultaneously. Therefore, a ‘connected conscience’ can have awareness and access to this information. We have seen this demonstrated on the show with the near-death experiences some characters have experienced, and through the awakening of ‘heart’ connections to their loved ones; which in turn have allowed them to access their ‘conscious minds’ and have recall.

    Desmond has heightened awareness and sensitivity, which is stimulated by any type of exposure to electromagnetism, and is unique in this sense. However, this information is available to all, which I feel this has been readily established at this point.

    Nice theory.

  9. AES, I agree that it could happen both directions for someone like Jack or John. (I feel like we are limited in being able to describe what “it” is; or when I just said “directions” it is limiting to what is actually going on. So I’m just clarifying that I use terms like that loosely.)

    The thing about “replacing” Jacob or any of that feels like it could head towards the ongoing nature of that conversation with MIB & Jacob on the beach from last season. I would actually be disappointed if there was a type of repeat of that scene and it had Jack and Locke in it, like some have proposed. (And that would be even if Jack was MIB-like and Locke was Jacob-like.)

    Anyway, the closest thing to Jack replacing Jacob I would like to see play into this would be if Jack actually was willing to die the way that Jacob was. I think that would make all this interconnectedness between souls or whatever it is called that more satisfying.

    But I realize that *wasn’t* really what you were asking. 🙂

    Dabs, I appreciate your interpretation of the 4th dimension and how that ties past/present/future together. That helps. It also helps to put into context the heightened importance of fear that MIB has played to this season. (And ultimately, the fear associated in all the past seasons conflicts or questions. Where are we? What was that? Will we ever leave? etc.) Fear has a pretty strong effect on the human consciousness, just as love does.

    Getting interrupted now…gotta finish this later. Anyway, I like your addition into this!

  10. AES, as always your comments are as good and thought provoking as your theories. You raise a lot of good points. Like death, reincarnation wasn’t something I was considering at the time I wrote this.

    You’re right about how we should stop looking at time as linear. I think a more apt way to think of time is that it is a vast sea with the present being the surface and all other points in time being under the surface.

    Your question on a reincarnated individual meeting their other self is a very good question that will take some time to think about. I’ll get back to you on that one.

  11. Kimberly, you are bring some really interesting thoughts to this. Thank you very much. I find your thoughts on Jack replacing Jacob fascinating. I agree that if Jack was to replace Jacob he would need to be willing to die. I feel that would be true of whoever replaces Jacob

  12. Dabs, great points and as always you’re keeping me on my toes. I agree with you that we are not talking about alternate or separate consciousness for each ‘version’ of the individuals. I really like the quote from Einstein that you used to illustrate your point.

    Although I didn’t include the information in this theory there are some concepts in eastern thought that would go along with this. There is some Buddhist thoughts about a ‘consciousness storehouse ‘ which is the foundation of all other forms of consciousness.

    Thanks for some excellent points Dabs.

  13. I like all quantum science stuff but I really can’t wrap my mind around the alt universe as “real”. I still think it is a construct of some sort. Like the Matrix for want of a different example. I think when Des does wake them all up they will “flash” back to the islands present. Their conciosness might be there but their physical bodies are still on the island.

  14. Roland, if they flash back from the alt reality to the Island, what would be the purpose of the whole thing? Did they learn something in the alt reality that they can use on the Island, or what?

  15. Maybe, maybe not but I still think that it is somehow the future for the Losties. The purpose could be to show what con Flocke OR Whidmore pulled on the Losties and Desmond is there to wake them up.

  16. There is a very important scene in this last episode that greatly connects the two timelines, and they come by way of the well.

    Sayid is talking to Des. The most important line in that scene is when Des asks Sayid, “What will you tell her?”…”What will you tell her you did to be with her?…

    I think about that scene, and I think about the scene with Sayid tell Nadia that he doesnt deserve her in the “alt”…

    I know everyone thinks that Sayid did not shoot Des…but what if he did…and by killing him…he gave the man who the rules dont apply to free reign in the off island world…?

    If the alt is what MIB promised Sayid…the happy ending that many want…then I think that the scene at the well shows that Sayid took Desmonds words to heart…and he may very well NOT actually deserve Nadia.

  17. Roland, alt universe are a tricky concept to deal with. I like your idea but not sure if I agree with it. It’s still a good idea any ways.

    I’m going to take this moment to explain how I view all the flashbacks, flashforward, and so called flashsideways. I’m doing this just to let people know my view.

    The flashbacks are nothing more than a storytelling device for the purpose of giving us more insight into the characters.

    The flashforwards were nothing but a storytelling device used to tell the story in two different time periods. The jumping back and forth was only a switch in the narrative with the sound effects just a way to signal the audience that the narrative was about to jump.

    During the flashbacks or flashforwards I do. Of believe anyone was actually traveling. Desmond is a different case However.

    Now for the most part, the ‘flashsideways’ are again merely a story telling device fir the most part. When the scene shifts to the alt universe no one is actually traveling to the alt universe. However, there is a link between the two and this link will effect the story. But again, the switch in the focus of the narrative with the accompanying sound effect is nothing more than a scene Change with an audio cue that the change is about to happen.

    Again, Desmond is a special case with this.

  18. AES, ha ha, you posted just as I was leaving my last comment.

    Very good point but I think that that can be accomplished by simply making Sayid aware of the connection to the alt without him actually going to the alt. Desmond just needs to show them how to access the information. Remember Juliet accessed the information from the alt universe without going to it.

  19. AES, here is something to consider. Smokey promised to Sayid to bring Natalia back. The first thing most would assume is that Smokey literally means that He will raise her from the dead, and this is what Sayid did say. But perhaps Smokey really means that he will give Sayid knowledge of the alt Natalia and assure Sayid that a version if her is alive out there somewhere.

  20. I love it Achalli!
    So much so, in fact, that it fills the void in a theory i’ve been nuturing since Episode One of Season Six, but which was potentially ruined without this explanation of consciousness traveling.
    I invite you to read it if you will, just posted it there now and it’ll be called Schrödinger’s Cat when the moderators get round to okaying it.

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