Desmond & Jack in the Stadium

I just wrote a post about Jack and his specialness and me thinking that Jack isn’t such a special doctor in the alt timeline.

It only just occurred to me that in “Man of Science, Man of Faith”, Desmond met Jack in the stadium JUST before we find out that Jack had actually miraculously fixed Sarah.

Desmond says he was almost a doctor.

Desmond touches Jack in this scene as well.

We don’t know anything about Desmond’s upbringing, as someone pointed out in a post the other day, commenting on the fact that we have seen flashbacks of childhood or the parents of most of the main Losties except for Desmond.

I have read lots of theories now regarding Desmond but none mentioning the fact (sorry if you have, I have missed it if so!) that he touched Jack before Jack fixed Sarah, and that we don’t know anything about Desmond’s childhood or parents. Any thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Desmond & Jack in the Stadium

  1. I’ve always wondered about Desmond’s past, his parents in particular – whether his mother would turn out to be Eloise or something crazy like that. We’ll have to wait and find out…

  2. Yes it would be a great twist if Desmond’s parents ended up being people that we knew. Eloise? That’s interesting! There’s got to be more behind the fact that Eloise Hawking/Widmore, Daniel Faraday/Widmore, Penny Widmore/Milton all have had a change of surnames in the alt timeline besides Eloise being married to Charles in this life, because if Daniel was always Charles’ son, where did “Faraday” come from? So confusing!

    Ah AES yes – I was thinking along the lines of that Desmond touched Jack and then Jack went back to see Sarah and he touched her feet BUT I just watched some clips on youtube and she wiggles her toes before Jack touches them, so my observation is irrelevant! Thanks for pointing that out, made me go back and double-check, I just assumed that there was a whole lot of inappropriate touching going on Jacob/MIB-styles 🙂

  3. lol…sorry to spoil…for a second I thought WOW…then I remembered that Desmond asked Jack “What if you did fix her”…maybe your statement isnt so irrelevant after all…maybe Des didnt touch Jack…maybe he touched Sarah?

    ‘Almost’ a doctor huh…?

    As much as I LOVE to weave Jack being a miracle surgeon into my theories (its good storytelling) I usually leave out the part that the next patient he tried to save died on the table…and Boone died…and now Locke will die as well…at least off island…at least for a bit…

    Maybe there is more to Desmond in the stadium than you say. I have always exclamated that particular scene…good thoughts adding the touch…

  4. Yeah, that is strange about desmond’s childhood.

    But I do want to point out that in the alt. timeline the hospital called Jack from the reading of his father’s will because they had an emergency that they didn’t know how to fix (locke). When jack arrived at the hospital another doctor said something along the lines of “we’re in over our heads, that’s why we called you”… So Jack still seems to be a gifted surgeon in the alt timeline.

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