Jacob is good. BUT..

There’s been lots of great thoughts and theories concerning Jacob’s agenda. In the end, I believe the show will undoubtedly reveal his role as morally good. I’m concluding this mainly because, although some of Jacob’s actions are questionable, the overwhelming evidence shows MIB to be morally bad (ie evvvvil incarnnnnate), and it’s logical to me that in the context of the show (black+white, dark+light, two opposing sides) the other side MIB is battling must be the opposite.

I think we’re all naturally inclined to think Jacob is good because he’s rooting for us; he believes that man will choose good in the end, that man isn’t necessarily inclined to sin.. That line of thinking I was falling for but quickly realized, that shouldn’t be a reason at all to think the guy is good. More human, but not good. So then that got me thinking; maybe it doesn’t matter whether he’s morally good or bad, the question ultimately is: Is he WRONG?

And that is what the “BUT..” is for in my title..
This could be where the show is going…

There’s a great scene at the end of one of my favorite movies “The Devil’s Advocate” starring Al Pacino as the Devil in human-like form (aptly named Milton). He argues that he’s the biggest advocate for man’s free will, that all he wants to do is help man with attaining his desires, and that it’s God who is setting these silly rules which limit and condemn man.

So it could be, the only difference between The Devil’s Advocate and the story of Lost, is one has the bad guy advocating for free will, knowing man’s fate is destructive anyways; the other the good guy advocating for free will, believing man will avoid destruction…

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4 thoughts on “Jacob is good. BUT..

  1. i’m still on the fence as to whether Jacob is good and MIB is bad so i have very little to bring to this discussion.

    the reason i commented though was because of the title of your theory. Just below your theory on the homepage Mixen dixen has posted on called ‘Jacob is good. Period’. Yours is just above so i’m just waiting for the next theory to be titled ‘Jacob is Bad’. (sorry for wasting everyone’s time with this pointless comment, i just found it a little amusing!)

  2. Love it, You_Are_Jacob but are you? (Good or Bad?)

    Bobt: You nailed the whole problem in a nutshell. People are speculating as to the morality of MIB and Jacob, but in the end it is more important to determine what their objectives are and if the “candidates” will buy into their game.

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