Spoilers (Again)

Hey Guys n Gals,

I’m hoping this will be the last time I’ll have to post a Spoiler Reminder, but it needs doing.

There have been some spoilers posted on the site lately (they’ve since been removed) and it needs to stop! Anyone who posts any sort of spoiler will be put on the moderating list.

I understand that you’ve read what will happen and that you have this need to tell everyone, but why come to a THEORY site to do that? Surely there are spoiler specific forums you can discuss these on?

We’re so close to the end now, and I know that I personally would be annoyed*, to go spoiler free for the last 5 seasons, and then have the end ruined for me. As I’m sure alot of people on this THEORY site would be.

Please show some respect. If it’s a SPOILER, or even if it’s just a RUMOUR, DON’T post it!

Sorry if I seem harsh, but I feel this needs to be brought to peoples attention.

Thanks for reading.

*Slight understatement

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