The Island As A Literal Cork, and Curing a Claim

Ok so imagine the earth has a hole in it leading to hell, and hell is leaking out and causing all kinds of problems.  This could have been existing since the beginning of the universe, or it could have been created by a band of spirits/demons etc trying to take over the Heavens.

So back to the significance of the island sinking.  Why would it sink, rather than move time or something else.  Imagine a cork going into a wine bottle.  What’s stronger…..pushed in slightly, or hammered in down as far as possible?  I think the dark forces have been trying to breach the cork for a long time.  The always ending the same so far has been Jacob and MIB waging war and the cork always ends up somewhere in the middle….not safe, but not totally dangerous yet either.  I think what we’re about to see is the ‘endgame’ move by both team Jacob and team MIB.  Based on the flash sideways, I think that at some point team Jacob will prevail.  Maybe thats what happens when a new Protector is crowned….he or she gives up her past and unites with the island, giving them a great amount of power because of the altruism involved there.  So by performing the ultimate act of selflessness in order to ‘save the world’ someone…most likely Jack, will somehow bond with the island and gain powers similar to Jacob.  I like to think of this like a all white happy friendly version of smoke monster.  And by doing so, Jacob wins the ‘game’ because he successfully proved that humans are capable of change and are capable of sacrifice for the greater good of humanity or planet or something.  I believe the game is settled by proving something about the nature of humanity and it’s eventual course.  Jacob obviously believes in the core good in people, while MIB is 100% sure that humans selfish nature will eventually end the species, and instead of just waiting around a few billion years to see it happen, he wants to just get it over with quickly and get the game over with once and for all.

Also, what do you think about curing a ‘claim’ on someone by convincing them (honestly) to change teams.  If a claimed host body was able to reject an evil influence and did so, what would happen then?  The body fall over dead and thats the end?  Or is it more like the claim takes ‘control’ by force when a person is gravely wounded, but with the proof that the old ‘soul’ is still inside somewhere (Flocke’s quote from the real Locke), perhaps a person can find a way to repeal the force and eject it, and you end up back as original.  This is how I think Locke will end up alive at the end.

Also, whats up with Desmond’s goofy trance state.  I kinda thought he was on scopolamine or something.  Is he being influenced by MIB ‘s crew somehow?  It seems like he is accepting a deal where he gets his girl….or I might be way off.

Lets hear it!  Be gentle this is first post.

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