Jughead detonation NOT cause of sunken island

If the island is underwater when 815 flew over, it wasn’t available for Daniel to land on it and tell ‘the Others’ to bury Jughead, so it continued to be strung up like a fish, leaking.

And, he wouldn’t have been able to tell Chang to clear the island.

So, what happened that allowed enough time to evacuate the island … including the others?

It could still be that slowly leaking Jughead, though I’m curious what convinced ‘the others’ to go – maybe Jughead deteriorated enough THEY went for help. (That could explain Dan’s premature aging, though not Chang’s youthful appearance 😉 )

Anyway, this has been bothering me since LA X – when I speculated no one got off the island – like Ben/Widmore … and MIB/Jacob drowned. The former is clearly not accurate (without another alternate timeline) … but the latter, I’ll still hold on to … as the ironic conclusion of their own actions.

Don’t know what happend to Alpert.

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3 thoughts on “Jughead detonation NOT cause of sunken island

  1. I agree Jughead would have still been strung up since the 50’s when the Island sank, but I’m not sure that that would cause an island to sink unless it exploded or something…it could cause an evacuation, but I think the purpose of showing Daniel finding the bomb was so that we the viewers were aware that there is a bomb so when they use it to stop the EM energy from sucking the Island under we weren’t surprised.
    I’m a propenent of the idea that the bomb not exploding caused the island to sink because the hole that radzinsky dug would just keep sucking (like Heroes) giving just enough time for an evacuation (this is just in the flash sideways time). In Island Time the bomb did go off in the hole and the swan was built and the losties were kicked forward to 2007 into the war they are in now.

  2. i believe that desmond can deal with the electromagnatism and therefore can deal with the insides of the island but i think desmond will have to set of another bomb which will increase in power due to electromagnatism and sink the island. whidmoore knows that mib carnt survive or dislikes water therefore a sunken island would therefore be a better way to trap him/kill him.

  3. okay… i just want to clarify something technically we see the dharma homes underwater when we view the sunken island… So hence, the island was above land in the 70’s, so in theory Daniel still could have time traveled to the 50’s and told them 2 bury jughead… that didn’t make sense, sorry…

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