Neither Jacob nor MIB are completely evil or good and theories about their origins

Maybe the blonde boy is Jacob and he killed someone. Maybe they are brothers and Jacob killed their father and that’s why the boy had the hands full of blood and that’s why their mother got crazy.

Possibly Jacob feels regret for murdering and that why he decided to spend the rest of his life on the island. MIB lost someone he loved, in this case his father and feels anger and disappointment about all humanity for it. Jacob wants to repent for his acts and decided to show his brother that he can be good and that humanity is good too and he won’t let him go until he proves his point and his brother forgives him.

MIB is not evil, but he can’t stand his brother, that’s why he wanted to kill Jacob so badly and he is also desperate after being stuck for more than one thousand years in the island.

Jacob appears as a kid to MIB to disturb him. It is Jacob appearing as a ghost to make him give up on leaving the island until he shows that people can be good.

Jacob is not completely sane and is quite bipolar as can be noticed when he attacked Richard. He acted completely differently from his messianic behavior in other appearances. That’s why he likes to torment his brother with his appearances as a boy, reminding him of what he did. He also possibly made MIB lose his body and gave him the smoke appearance, but I don’t know how. Jacob created those rules and one of them is that MIB can’t reveal their true motives. That’s why MIB seems to be more sincere than Jacob, but he is unable to say why he does the things he does.

I’m not sure as this is exactly what happens, but I wouldn’t be surprised as something like that was true and neither Jacob nor MIB are completely good or evil. I get the feeling most of the time that MIB is a victim and he is so desperate to be free that he doesn’t mind killing or taking whatever action is needed to leave the island, his brother Jacob and his smoke form behind.

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9 thoughts on “Neither Jacob nor MIB are completely evil or good and theories about their origins

  1. I really like this. I agree that their back story is going to be a more real-life type story as opposed to “they are both gods and one is angry” or “cane and abel”.

    Now I just want to know how there is an Island, how there are rules that can stop a human from doing something (like dying). I don’t see how this can be explained through science unless it was created as some sort of laboratory or something…I can’t wait till Tuesday!

  2. I was just wondering if the dagger MIB gave to Richard and Dogen gave to Sayid has some importance in all this. Maybe it is the dagger which Jacob used to kill his father!

    I only can see most things being explained by magic or maybe by using a technology brought from the future. I mean… how is it possible that MIB became a black smoke that can scan people’s minds?? What are the rules? Is it some kind of divine intervention, some agreement between Jacob and MIB or some physical limitation due to magnetism or not interfering in freewill or destiny?

    Wow, will they be able to answer these questions besides all other questions like the numbers and all that?

  3. I read on an interview with the producers, that they are gonna follow either the path of science or the path of faith/supernatural. But just one. That’s what we’re going to find out.

  4. Hopefully! It’d be nice that everything has a proper scientific explanation, but it seems very hard to explain all the crazy stuff that happens in the island that way.

  5. the producers said a long time ago (after a pair of identical twin extras were spotted as others) – that twins had nothing to do with the show. they also said that it wasn’t about time travel. maybe instead of Jacob murdering his father – he murdered his twin – hence why the boy in the jungle looks like Jacob. MIB is the older brother….I suppose he could have murdered Jacob’s twin – good lord – I don’t know – any of this is probable.

  6. If the Island is a scientific creation used as a hub between the real world and other worlds then the crazy stuff could be explained…okay, no way…

  7. I’m not sure when/where this MIB and Jacob are brothers theory got started and how it got so popular but is it possible these two aren’t related? I mean, when we first see them on the beach they are calling each other “old friend” and other such terms. Even if you completely loathe your brother you simply don’t use terms like that. In fact you’d probably use terms like “brother” to further accentuate the depth of your hatred. They haven’t told us enough to completely rule this out but in my view of things Jacob and MIB simply aren’t related.

    Anyways, sorry to rain on this parade. I hate people who pop on merely to debunk theories. Just wanted to comment that there are other possibilities where these two aren’t related.

  8. It’s OK, metaldude. It’s obvious that my theory has been debunked XD. The fact is, I based my theory on the fact that MIB was not evil, but now, is there someone that still thinks that?

    And, I agree with you, MIB and Jacob are not brothers. After watching the sneak peak for episode 15, I’m pretty sure of that.

    I still think that something along the lines of what I wrote happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised to be really surprised by what happened in reality and how MIB and Jacob came to be enemies and a real menace to humanity and the protector of the island respectively.

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