ReWatching Season 2– so many references to candidates

I’m going back and watching the earlier seasons now that the semester is over. I’ve made it to Season 2 episode 11 and cant believe all the references to the things we have been anticipating and revealed in season 6.

I cant believe the writers have managed to be so consistent. It seems evident they had a clear ending to the story, where all along I thought they were just going deeper and deeper (and getting quite annoying). For instance the beginning of S02E11 from Lostpedia:
CHRISTIAN: Well, then tell him I’m very sorry but he’s not a candidate for surgery
. . . .
CHRISTIAN: Because what your father is looking for is not a surgical procedure. What he is looking for is a miracle.
Translation by Sara-SNWG: Sir, I did not come all this way for you. I came for your son.
Obviously there are better examples for what I’m getting at, but I just now watched that and thought to finally check this site and see what people are thinking/noticing. Later in the episode Jack’s wife tells him she might be pregnant.. then shown pregnant in the end of season 3. I never remember any of this– probably because It didn’t matter to the storyline when I watched initially.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on episodes foreshadowing season 6.

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11 thoughts on “ReWatching Season 2– so many references to candidates

  1. what?! Jack’s wife Sarah tells him she’s pregnant?! And she’s shown later as pregnant? I don’t remember that(?).. I mean I believe you, but don’t recall it.. got to pull out the old DVDs and do some rewatchin myself!

  2. just looked up in Wikipedia..I definitely remember now her being pregnant visiting Jack at the hospital/jail, but I figured at the time the father must be the new guy in her life… but if she thought she was pregnant during her marriage with Jack, that is very significant.. I didn’t know about that, thanks for info mrm

  3. Sarah said that she thought she might be pregnant and took and test it was negative.

    Later, Sara gets pregnant with the man she left Jack for.

    It’s not related.

    Also, I’m not sure if the “he’s not a a candidate for surgery” has anything to do with Jacob. That’s just the terminology in the medical field. Maybe you’re right though.

    I do agree with you though… I re-watched and in season three I heard Picket mumble something like “Shepard is on Jacobs list”… it’s interesting to watch back on those episodes.

  4. Actually the pregnancy was not related to the show at all. Julie Bowen who plays Sarah Sheppard was pregnant with her first child. She was a regular on Boston Legal at the time and they had to write scripts and story lines around the pregnancy as well.

    As for Tom’s comment about Jacob’s list what he said was “Sheppard wasn’t even on Jacob’s List” implying that Ben had them take him so he could perform surgery on him. It was also a major point in the storyline that Ben was using his position as leader of the Others for his own purposes.

    Some of the questions I have about this is how Tom knew who was or wasn’t on Jacob’s list if Ben was the only person who was able to communicate with Jacob? And if Sawyer, Kate and Jack were candidates how is it possible that Juliet, Tom, Ben etc all were willing and almost eager to kill them? Wouldn’t they be protected as candidates? In the Temple the Others had a strict “no harm” policy towards them once it was established that they were on the list. Why would they be so willing to kill them earlier? they were on the list before they ever came to the island.

  5. I think that was actually Picket talking about Jack not being on Jacobs list, not Tom…but it makes the question of how he would know such a thing even more relevant…

    The most logical answers being that Richard/Ben told him…It was a different list from the one he had…or the one I believe…he didnt know.

    Most of the others are mindless followers as we see this season…talk about infected zombies…

    I do agree that the scene from the hospital with Gabriella and her father. I had her as a possibility of being Davids father for a while…although it just seems obvious that it will be Juliet, being we havent seen her yet, and Sarah cant be fully discounted either…and please dont tell me anything about cast credits, I dont want to know…

    I always thought that her father resembled Hanso a little from the comic con vids…not the same person, just thought there was similarities in appearance…

    Good thoery. I disagree with a few things, but I like your research on ‘candidates’ and urge you to post anything else you see like that…do not discredit anything.

    The worst that happens is you are wrong…good thoughts MrMccauly

  6. This may have been answered a looooong time ago, but when Ben (or whoever) gave Michael the list, it had 4 names on it. 4 of the 6 candidates. Why only those 4 names?? Hurley, Sawyer, Jack, & Kate. Why not Sayid or Locke???? Had they already been crossed off???

  7. Was only 2 candidates really cause Kate isnt one of them.And they only kept 2 of the candidates cause Hurley was immediately let go and told to go tell the beach-folk not to come get them.

  8. Wasn’t the only purpose of the kidnapping to make Jack perform the operation on Ben? The reason that Kate and Sawyer were also kidnapped was probably mainly to be able to manipulate Jack.

  9. Juliet as David’s mom overcomplicate post-finale Sidewaysville. She’s Saywer’s ‘one-true-love’. Her storyline will probably tie into his remembering the island pretty soon.

    Bet she delivers A-aron while Sawyer’s in the hosptial.

  10. Waycurious, for a minute I thought you meant that Juliet somehow is Aarons mother in the alternate reality, haha.

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