Two Smokey’s?

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, but what if we are dealing with two seperate smoke monsters. Let me break it down for you:

– When the monster scans people and “judges” them, it makes a very distinct clicking noise.

– When it is killing someone, it makes heavy chain clanking noises, as well as the roar which we all are very familiar with.

– Since jacob was murdered we haven’t seen the scanning version of the smoke monster, only the killing one.

What if both jacob and MIB are smoke monsters, the only difference, is that it was jacobs job to judge, while MIB’s job was to kill whoever jacob didn’t need?

Since Jacob has been killed, we have only seen the MIB version of the smoke monster, could this be the reason?

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14 thoughts on “Two Smokey’s?

  1. I always thought that rather than judging you, what the smoke monster was doing was scanning your past to find out your weakness, your guilt. That way it can appear as that person to manipulate you. I figured thats why it didnt kill Richard, it saw the potential to manipulate him and as such it tried to imitate his wife. Similarly it appeared as Eko’s brother, but when Eko failed to ask for redemption the monster killed him. I reckon thats cause it realised Eko couldnt be moulded so easily.

  2. If there’s only one smoke monster, which, according to Wharfrat HAS to be the case, then it’s able to be in two places at once. There’s no denying that.

    The Isabella on the ship with Richard was Smokie. At the same time, there were smokie sounds outside.

    Although we’re led to believe only one smokie exists, I wouldn’t confirm anything quite yet.

  3. you all make good points, but what chief said about two places at once is one main reason i gave this thought any ground. I feel like the episode where we get the back story on MIB and jacob is going to give us an answer which wont be close to anything anyone guessed haha

  4. In reference to Smokey being in 2 places at once, one observation I’d like to bring up; remember in the beginning of the show, Seasons 1+2, Smokey would show up in this manner?:

    subtle clicking noises moving through the woods, then you would see a small cloud of smoke whisp by. I think you could see several of those small smokey clouds whisping around… then BOOM! Big Smokey would emerge from ground, sand flying everywhere..

    So during that time, it made sense to me it was more of a security system. Many puffs of smokey cloud scouring the island sensing movement. Then when it detected people that it was interested in, all the smokeys would merge together and come and scan, kill, or capture people..

    So the fact that it was broken up smokeys, lends me to believe that it could be in more than 2 places at once.. maybe still close to eachother, but apart.. I still don’t believe Smokey could separate and go off island though (like Christian or Charlie..).. thoughts?

  5. MIB is smokey definitely and he makes different sounds. He scans people to use their memories to their advantage and that gives him the hability to change shape to look like dead people from their memories.

    Charlie off-island was a real ghost as was Isabella when Hurley talked Ghost-Whisperer style with Richard.

    Isabella in the Black Rock was simply MIB using the info he scanned from Richard to his advantage and make him kill Jacob.

  6. Wharfrat – You gotta be kidding me.

    In the Blackrock/Richard/Isabella scene, Smokie was in two places at once. It wasn’t physically connected by any means. One part was inside portraying a human. The other part was….SOMEWHERE ELSE. Two different parts of Smokie, in two different places. It’s simple stuff. Don’t let your pompousness and “need to argue” attitude get in the way of saying something intelligent.

  7. I see what you’re saying chief and I rewatched that episode this week too and I had a similar thought, but I have to disagree. I feel fairly certain there is 1 smoke monster and this smokie has the ability to be in 2 places at once (somewhat). In the last 5 hours do you think we are going to see a family of smokies come out of the woods like at the end of Harry and the Hendersons??

  8. JacobsDoubleWide – Actually you’re not disagreeing. I apologize if I didn’t word that too well. I’m just saying there’s either more than 1 smokie, or there’s one that can split up and be in multiple places at the same time.

    With what you’re saying about the end – As lame as it sounds, it would be really cool to see that. It would make us rethink everything we thought we knew about the smoke monster.

  9. How about this… There is a smoke monster. Not one or two, actually the quantity is not important. What if the smoke monster is merely an entity that either MIB OR Jacob can occupy? The reason I say this is because of the different ways we have seen the smoke monster interact with the characters. For example, when Locke meets the smoke monster, I think, for the first time, and states how he has seen the eye of the island and it was beautiful or whatever. Then other times the smoke monster drags people into subterranean caverns and rips off limbs. Seems like two different personalities.

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