Number 8

This is my stab at the challenge that Cocodoll set forth to tell a short story that mentions every episode title. This story utilizes season one episodes and is based on the Prisoner.

He watched on the main screen as the latest resident was dragged back within the perimeter by Rover. They always try at least one escape and Rover always thwarts them. The new arrivals usually run after their ‘orientation’ talk but this one ran immediately. He was a little leary of this new arrival and was of the opinion that the Village should be connected to that place in any form. But it was the template that the Village was based on. At least the Powers could be assured that the upgrades to Rover and the rest of the system was working. He could see that the new arrival was going to be a handful and he had to set his foot down, so he had the arrival brought before him.

“It was not very original of you to try and PILOT a boat away from here. But at least you know now that you can’t leave.”

The new arrival was still dazed from the encounter with…with…whatever it was. It looked so harmless and yet was very effective at preventing escape. “Where am I?” the arrival inquired.

“In the Village. ” Always the same first question. So predictable of the new arrivals. He could see the look of confusion on the arrival’s face.

“This isn’t what I envisioned when I left the Island. But I left there and I’ll leave here too. Who are you?”

“I am Number 2. You are Number 8. And you needn’t worry about the Island. You were so eager to leave it so you were brought to the Village. The Village will give you a comfortable place to live and a TABLA RASA, a clean slate. In return we want the information and knowledge you have. You are free to WALKABOUT the Village. That Island has given you special knowledge and abbilities that would be useful to the Village. That is all we ask for. We would rather you give it to us freely, even maybe work with us. But if you don’t give it to us then at least enjoy your stay here and partake of what the Village has to offer. Either way you can’t leave the Village.” Number 2 could see that the situation was starting to sink into Number 8. He could also see that Number 8 was starting to seeth underneath the surface.

“I won’t follow your WHITE RABBIT nor enjoy the pleasures of your HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. Don’t tell me what I can’t do. I’ll escape and I won’t turn back!”

Now Number 2 was starting to see more of the fury contained in Number 8. This could be helpful. Number 2 was looking forward to this challenge. He decided to push all of Number 8’s buttons at once. “Like THE MOTH to the flame you will always return to the Village. I know you consider yourself quite the CONFIDENCE MAN, a very smart and manipulative man, Number 8. But there’s all that SOLITARY time you spent, not good for the mind. Eats away at you don’t you know? I won’t go into detail about what happened to your mother. So remind me Number 8, were you RAISED BY ANOTHER? Or perhaps your problem is with your father. I’ve heard that ALL THE BEST COWBOYS HAVE DADDY ISSUES. Ever want to be a cowboy Number 8? Don’t fret Number 8, in the Village you won’t be alone.” Number 2 sat back and calmly waited for Number 8’s reaction. He did not have to wait long.

“You better make sure I’m locked far away. I guarantee if you keep me in this Village I will win over the HEARTS AND MINDS of all the Villagers. This place is not SPECIAL. I’ll have my HOMECOMING and you’ll have so many OUTLAWS that you’ll beg me to let you join me. I don’t give a damn about your NUMBERS nor your DEUS EX MACHINA, oversized pool toy you laughingly call a secsurity system. You’ll have to kill me to stop me. And I don’t believe you will do that.”

Number 2 was impressed. The Powers and Number 1 were correct in their assessment that this was the toughest case since Number 6. ” There are plenty of mental tactics at our disposal Number 8. Although it is true that when it comes to your physical well-being the prevailing rule is DO NO HARM, that is not so with the other Villagers. So, for THE GREATER GOOD, although you feel like you were BORN TO RUN, you will not be allowed to lead an EXODUS from the Village. You may be done with the Island but the Village is just starting with you Number 8. Be seeing you.”

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