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There are a few “new” questions that have been bothering me since this season started. So far with the alternate reality there are several things that have been shown that don’t fit with what we already know about the survivors.

1. If Hurley was never a patient at Santa Rosa how did he win the lottery? In reality “A” he hears Leonard repeat the numbers often and decides to use them in the lottery that he wins. At the time he goes back to visit Leonard he’s told that that was the wrong thing to do and that’s why he thinks he’s cursed. In the alternate reality he claims to be the luckiest man alive. Is it just a coincidence that he won the same lottery using different numbers? Clearly in the first reality it’s implied that there is a greater force at work, so what’s going on in the alternate reality?

2. In the alternate reality Libby said she was at Santa Rosa because she was seeing things which turned out to be memories from reality A. So why was she in at Santa Rosa in reality A? Was she experiencing something similar in reality A? It would be very interesting if she was having flashes similar to those Desmond had on the island and eventually was told by Widmore what was happening which leads her to give Desmond the boat that brings him to the island. It would be even more interesting if we were to find out that Libby and Desmond were actually twins ( the “Evil Twins” reference was floated out about the same time Desmond and Libby are introduced – coincidence?).

3. The Orchid was built over the well that Locke entered when he moved the island. We know this because Keemy followed Locke and Ben down the elevator at the Orchid where Ben blows open the wall leading to the frozen donkey wheel. What is the well that Desmond is in?

4. In the alternate reality all of the people having flashes (Desmond, Hurley, Libby etc.) are experiencing future events rather than “flashbacks”. In reality B flight 815 landed roughly 1 week before Hurley and Libby meet. The kiss that Hurley “remembers” won’t occur for several months in reality A. This is very different than what Desmond experienced on the island where he was able to interact with past events. The alternate reality seems to be seeing into the future while he could see into the past.

Anyone have any thoughts on these things? They’re minor compared to the bigger questions from the past 5 seasons but they’re new and have been bothering me quite a bit!

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7 thoughts on “Questions I’d like answered

  1. 1. In the alt hurley did not win the lottery. he liked chicken, bought a franchise, made it popular and opened more making him exceptionally rich.

    2. i don’t think they ever explained why she was in santa rosa the first time.

    3. it was explained that there are numerous wells on the island that have been drilled by a number of different groups that have been to the island in the past.

    4. i think because what they are remembering exists in a parrallel reality, the events aren’t actually occuring in the past or present, they are merely happening concurrently.

  2. I believe the comicon alt video with Hurley says he won the lottery. I know these videos are not canon. But I’d say he won the lottery.

  3. Candidate361 – Hurley did win the lottery in the Alternate Timeline. In LA X, Dr Arzt asked him how he managed to become so successful, and Hurley told him he’d won the lottery. Sawyer also made a comment to Hurley that he shouldn’t tell anyone he’d won the lottery, because people may want to take advantage of him, to which Hurley says he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

    I think Libby was initially in Santa Rosa because of her husbands death. Her husband was called David. Hurley’s imaginary friend was called Dave. At the time we were introduced to Dave, I don’t think it was apparant that Hurley could speak to dead people. Now that we know he can, it isn’t too hard to believe that Dave is Libby’s husband.

    Remember Dave on the island tried to pursuade Hurley to jump off the cliff, this was around the time that Hurley and Libby started to get close. Sounds like a jealous hubby to me 🙂

  4. 1. Hurley probably didn’t use the numbers, hence why he is lucky instead of cursed.

    2. I don’t think they will be twins… But Libby had her husband die which is traumatic, but also she could have seen some bad things in her line of work.

    4. I think we’ve seen enough to guess that time is not linear betweeen realities. But also – whatever happened, happened. So in a way everything on island, even in 2007, is in the past for the losties.

  5. Considering that there are only about 3 and a half hours of Lost remaining (that’s without commercial breaks), I don’t think these types of revelations will occur in any satisfactory sense. There are still major plot points to resolve, and much of the time spent telling those plot points is used up in dramatic crescendos and diminuendos. But I could be wrong; Lost can do some amazing things.

  6. About Hurley and the numbers, i agree with DrMrWizard. obviously this alt timeline is significantly different to the original one so i assume that there are no ‘Numbers’ as it were, hurley just played some random ones.

  7. and with regards to point 4, read the theory ‘transport consciousness in time’ by chrischapman1992 in the theories section. read the content and read my reply; i think that this brilliant theory may explain the flashforwards as it were.

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