The Replacement

With the show winding down I thought that it was about time I did a theory about what may happen in the end. With this in mind I started thinking about and trying to identify at least one concept that would define Lost and then let my mind wonder from that point. In the end I came up with something that is, IMO, way out of the box. What I present here is a ending to the show that I would be happy with, allows Jacob’s idea that people are capable of change and keeps Smokey on the Island. The concept of redemption and second chances is what I based this idea on.

Redemption and second chances, to me, seem to be fairly constant through out the show. Ever since season one we have seen the Losties go on a journey of ‘soul’ searching as it were and many have changed along the way. We saw Rose and Bernard who pre-island were at odds about accepting that Rose’s cancer was incurable. When we last saw them at the end of season 5 they were both happy and content with where their lives were and accepted the fact that they were not going to leave the Island and that they were better off that way. We have also seen Charlie go from being a drug addict to not only conquering the addiction but also be willing to take on the responsibility of helping Claire raise a child that was not his own. Then there’s Sawyer who has gone from being soley out for himself to a person who does at least take into consideration other people and looking out for friends.

On the Island they have all got second chances and oppurtunities for redemption. One of the oldest stories around, and which has been mentioned on this site plenty of times, is the story of Cain and Able. Now as most people hear the story and know it Cain is unrepentant about what he did. What many people do not realize is that there is a school of thought,which I first learned about through a book called “Book of Lies” by Brad Metzer,where Cain feels an overwhelming amount of guilt and repents beofre God for what he has done to Able. God forgives Cain and rewards him with the secret to immortality. The secret God gave Cain was in order for Cain to perform his pennance, which was to tell his story through out the whole of time. Another classic story is “the Rime of the Ancient Mariner” which ends with a similar pennance. The Mariner must wander the earth telling his story.

Which brings me back to Lost and who will replace Jacob as overseer and protector of the Island in the end. As we now know, Jacob and Smokey have a disagreement about the basic nature of humans. Smokey believes that they will never be capable of change and will always be savage like and should not be brought to the Island. Jacob believes that we all are capable of change and has set out to disprove Smokey. With the Losties it finally appears that Jacob may have a good chance of proving his point even as Smokey has set in motion a plan to leave the Island. There is no doubt that Jacob is using the Losties to prove Smokey wrong, but I don’t believe that it is their change that will ultimately prove Jacob’s point. Nor do I think that any of the Losties will be Jacob’s replacement. Consider this, what better way to disprove Smokey about changing and redeeming oneself than to get Smokey to change his ways himself. It is well established on the show by now that the two realities have at least a connection through consciousness. Many people here feel that alt Lock is going to bridge the two realities and take over Smokies body. I concur that the consciousness of alt Locke is connected to Smokey but I don’t think Locke will actually come through and take over Smokey. Instead I think that alt Locke will influence Smokey. This influence will work on Smokey’s mind until Smokey realizes that Jacob was right all along because Smokey himself will have changed. When this happens I believe that he will then want to repent for what he has done and take over Jacob’s role as protector of the Island as a pennance. A role which he once held in the far distant past, remember that he has always been described as a security system for the Island. Events come full circle, the evil has been contained and nullified, and the Island has done it’s job. And the Losties? Some will stay and become the new Others while some will leave the Island but be prepared to return to protect it should the need arise. Perhaps Richard will be allowed to die and be reunited with his wife.

I’m not sure if any of this will turn out to be true but that is how I would bring the show to a satisfying close. For in the end, redemption is one if the few things we are all capable of. Even for Smokey.

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23 thoughts on “The Replacement

  1. Love it. Black is the new white. Ultimate redemption. Full circle. Clever stuff!

    But I’m still curious….since MIB isn’t actually in John Locke’s physical body, how exactly are they connected?

  2. Through their consciousness. I consider the body and the consciousness to be two seperate things. Remember about what alt Locke said to alt Jack about losing Christian’s body but not losing Christian.

  3. perhaps Jack repairing Locke will restore Locke’s faith and this somehow will overcome smokie or make on Island Locke rise from the dead or alt locke will remember the Island (like the alamo) once he walks and this will be the last piece Desmond needs to put in place to merge the timelines and this will stop smokie…

  4. Scrollocke, Jacobsdoublewide’s idea is close to what I am leaning towards for Jack’s roll. Alt Jack will fix Alt Locke witch gives Alt Locke faith in miracles. This will transmit through the link to Smokey and change Smokey. Island Jack will be the best e ample of change and will take on the role that Richard had with Jacob.

    Nice thinking Jacobsdoublewide. We’re almost in sync with this.

  5. i expect maybe in the hospital, Sun and Locke to run into each other again. Maybe then Jin will ask Sun what she meant when she was shouting ‘its him’! It would be interesting to find out what her explaination was.

  6. Excellent theory! I guess others may have had similar thoughts but I’ve never seen it so convincingly put together.

    And now when Jack and Locke are together both on-Island and off-Island, I guess things will finally start to happen!

  7. I Am Jacob, that is a good thought. It’s anther example that shows that their consciousness is linked.

    Ilie, I’m glad you liked this. To my way of thinking this makes a lot of sense.

  8. Achalli, really like it..if this happens, I wonder what would happen to Widmore and his pursuit of Island power..guess that would mean Widmore would have to turn good (or have been good all along) in order for Smokey to be wrong, I guess

  9. To be fair ScrollLocke…I know Im at least part of the problem with your question about Locke and Smokie being connected…Ive been pushing that issue when an opportunity arises…not sure how many people actually buy into it…

    I really like this Achalli…Its kind of anti-everything I believe in the ending…but I really would not be surprised or unhappy to see this occur.

    I said that Smokie was taking over Christians and Lockes conscious in one of my posts…I really like the idea of Locke taking over smokie…and to ADD…

    THIS could somehow explain why Christian seems to be playing for two teams at times…very good thoughts on that…if Locke could do it…why not Christian too???

    That could open up a whole new can of worms and explain a lot of things…good thinking!

    On Richard dying and being with Isabel…there is almost no question in my mind that it will happen exactly as you say it does…IF…Isabel is actually Isabel…and thats a big IF…but your thought is more realistic…
    My only problem is this…

    I find it hard that ALL the couples we know and love are going to end Happily Ever After…could be wrong…but its just difficult to believe that none of them would be Adam and Eve…but…I guess Richard has been witing the longest, and possibly the most deserving…possibly…we’ll see what happens…

    On that…who wants to bet that Ricardus, Ben, and Miles come to the rescue of the losties captured by Widmores men? Anybody?

    I would imagine from there we shall see maybe Miles take another crack at Jacobs ashes…and then possibly lose him…at least on island, connecting him to off island, who may help get Kate and Sawyer to the hospital…Im not betting on that last part…but its highly likely in my eye.

    Again great theory Achalli…I have more to add, but Ill do it in spurts…

    A million stars…Im not 100%…but all in all, the pieces fit quite nicely, and adding the Losties as the new others is something I have always thought was going to happen.

    Great stuff here…

  10. Bravo, Achalli! Best theory I’ve heard for the ending. I love it! Gives that twist that Lost is known for.
    I do think that we’ll lost some favorite characters though–the writers (and Matt Fox) have said that the ending will be bittersweet.

  11. I really do like the idea of MIB being the candidate also…it makes perfect sense.

    I still dwell on two things, making me believe he is going to be someone we know…or know of…

    One being the whole ‘name’ thing…why is it so important? “Its not what I am, but who I am”, and “Do you know who I am Desmond?”

    His name is important…I believe if it is someone from the show, it will be either Aaron (or even possibly Jacob himself)…who the hell knows…

    Again good theory…

  12. AES, really good thought on Christian.

    As for a Happily Ever After ending for the couples, I think you’re right. Realistically not everyone will survive. And I can live with that as long as their is some meaning to the death. Charlie was a favorite character of mine and I was sorry to see him die. But I had the satisfaction of knowing his death wasn’t pointless.

    LOL, I love the idea of Ben, Richard, and Miles rescuing the Losties. Talk about a group of misfits.

    Thanks as always for your great comment.

  13. Very interesting…

    I wouldn`t mind this as an ending, except it makes a lot of what we`ve watched over the years seem a bit pointless. If it`s mostly all about Smokey seeing the error of his ways and in turn becoming the new protector of the Island, what about all of the characters we`ve come to know? I guess that means they would have played little parts, as in “it only end once” and they are the group that played into that end, but other than that… pointless.

  14. DrMrWizard, I understand your point to a degree. However consider how many characters have changed and redeemed themselves. Even Ben has changed.

    Also, consider that in Life, we all play a part in the bigger scheme of things. We all have an effect on the bigger picture.

    Lost is a special show in that it has presented a lot of concepts that most people would never have thought about and has given us a chance to learn and understand concepts and ideas from many subject areas. By taking this journey with these characters I’ve learned many things about myself that has lead me to this latest theory. However things turn out and whether this scenario proves to be true or not, I don’t consider anything pointless.

    I’m glad you raised this question and thank you for your comment.

  15. I always thought the evil that needed to be contained on the island WAS Smokey. They keep making a big deal about HIM getting off the island and “ending everything”. If that’s the case, then why would he become protector of the island? There would be nothing to protect it from. And why would there need to be Others on and off the island? I would be dissatisfied with this ending unless they specifically point out that the “evil” that the island is being protected from is something other than Smokey.

  16. HansoHattori, the point I am making with this is that even evil can be made good. In my opinion, a full out war on Smokey will only prove Smokey right regardless of the outcome.

    With almost every episode they are giving us evidence that the two realities are linked. Although it has been one way so far, information flowing from the alt to the original reality hasn’t been ruled out yet. So it is very plausible that alt Locke could influence and change Smokey.

    As for the Island still needing protection, people have always found their way to the Island and people always will. The Island will need protection from the people who haven’t changed yet.

  17. A huge question for me is whether or not this black/white, smokey/taweret thing…existed before Jacob and MIB arrived on the island and therefore some event lead them to take over these positions -OR- it all started with them, meaning they would have arrived on the island prior to the Egyptian era that carved the cave image.

    I suppose it’s possible they arrived on the island post the Egyptian era and then the event that makes them into whatever they are – also sends them back in time prior to the Egyptian cave carving being made.

    Surely time travel has something to do with their circumstance – considering the importance of time travel to the overall story.

  18. Very good question to consider ScrollLocke. I’m not sure which way I lean on that question. It’s definitely something to think about.

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