Regarding Tonight’s Episode: The Last Recruit (May 4th 2010)

If you have not seen this episode, do not read this, as it contains SPOILERS.

I’m skeptical as to how Jack and the gang were able to escape the sinking sub. If there was water pouring in at an increasing pressure, they would not be able to swim fast enough to get out. Isn’t that kinda why Charlie couldn’t swim out the busted window on the (pearl?) station? They might have been able to swim out if the water was pouring in while the sub was surfaced and somehow not sinking, but it doesn’t seem likely that they could have achieved it the way it was presented. Also, wouldn’t the explosion cause fire to fill the submarine since it’s pressurized and all the interior hatches were open?

What were the exact words that Sayid said to Jack before running away? It seemed like he knew Jack was necessarily the one to go to Desmond. I also got the impression he was telling Jack that he was the Candidate. Then again, I didn’t really hear what he said, so I may be way off.

How did MIB know so much about contemporary technology, such as the C4 and digital watch? How did he know how to make a time bomb out of it? Can we speculate that the smokey flash behavior means he can read people’s minds? Is this how he knows about so many things, or is it because he comes from the future? Maybe he has been shown what he needs to know in order for an end result to occur? Hopefully we find out in the < 3 hours of content remaining 😀

We know now that the ocean doesn’t magically kill him somehow. Maybe he can’t swim, though, and is just afraid to go into the water? It wasn’t exactly clear how deep that water under the dock was… Maybe there is no reason to think the water has anything to do with him being trapped. In any case, he clearly showed himself to be evil in tonight’s episode. His agenda is almost fully revealed, it would appear.

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I was born and 19 years later lost began. Everything up to that point was just progress.

6 thoughts on “Regarding Tonight’s Episode: The Last Recruit (May 4th 2010)

  1. Sayid said (from memory, but its right) “Desmond is in the well on the main island, Locke is going to kill him.” He also said Jack needs him to kill Locke.
    And just a side-note, Sayid fell very low on my fac characters list this season with him being evil etc, but him killing himself to save the others flew him up near the top.

    The only thing we know of that can kill Locke is electromagnism, (which is probably why Desmond is important).

  2. Sayid said something like “Desmond is down a well on the main island. He needs your help.” Then Jack asked “Why are you telling me this?” and Sayid replied “Because, Jack, it’s going to be you.”

    This was very interesting. The episode had me biting my nails and grabbing tissues.

    I just can’t wait until it’s over. Although, it’s almost too bitter sweet.

  3. Sawyer knows that Locke can not turn into smoke and float above the water so pushing Locke into the water sounds like a fairly good idea (even if it doesn’t kill him).

    HansoHattori, it feels like your theory is that Lost isn’t real, is that correct? 😉

  4. Isn’t it possible Flocke lied originally about not being to go over/in water so that he could get everyone to go to the other island together? If he could just go there as Smokey, he would have no excuse to try to get them all to go.

  5. I would have to think that Smokey could build a detonator device because Locke might have been clever enough to do it. He does have all of Locke’s memories.

  6. Well Sayid knew all about bombs and since he was dead I’d imagine he had all of Sayid’s bomb making skills he could download when needed.

    And either MIB killed the guards and then scanned their memories to find out about bomb OR he’s working with Widmore and possibly a relationship neither wants to be in but both know they need each other’s help to get what they want.

    Widmore wants the island and MIB wants to leave.

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