MIB’s Powers

I would like to bring up something that I found interesting last night. When claire asked Locke if they (candidates) were all dead from the sub crash he replied “Not all of them”. This made me wonder how could MIB know that their were survivors? He couldn’t see them swim up to the beach.

Another thing that puzzled me was that when Jack pushed MIB into the water their was not some kind of reaction. With all of the rumors going around saying that the devil is “Allergic” to water I thought that I was in for a show. Does anyone have any theories on this?

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8 thoughts on “MIB’s Powers

  1. well not only is he in tune with the island, but if they were all dead he would be “free to go” and i’m sure he would change somehow, or feel different or something along those lines.

    the water thing i have no idea about. i was sure he would be affected somehow

  2. 1) I agree that he knew they weren’t all dead because he was still there (sort of like the show Quantum Leap, he wouldn’t leap until his mission was done)

    2) He was standing in the ocean when Ajira first landed, so I think we knew right then he could get wet, at least as Locke.

  3. I agree DoubleWide that the writers wrote this in to remind everyone that it’s not water that can hurt him.

    If it did then wouldn’t just plain rain kill him?

  4. Before Smokie was FLOCKE:

    – Smokie never went beyond the tree line.
    – Othersville didn’t have the pylons on the beach side.
    – We never saw evidence of Smokie on Hydra.

    I think water used to be an issue – but now, it isn’t. FLOCKE even drinks water.

    Maybe they’re going to pull some TRUMAN SHOW action with Smokie – and we’ll find out next week that his father died in the ocean when he was a kid and he’s afraid of it.

  5. just in response to ekolocation, hypothetically speaking, i wonder how MIB would leave the Island if all the candidates had died? i dont think that it’d be on a plane or a boat or a sub, i reckon it’d be very sci-fi-ish his method of travel.

    Maybe just a huge black cloud of smoke would gradually start growing and begin to consume the world?????

  6. Ok, here’s my take on it – Nemesis Believes all the Losties died on the sub – however, he does know/feel that he isn’t free and realizes that his earlier suspicion about Sayid not really killing Desmond was true.
    So the Losties and Nemesis is heading to the same place.
    My guess is that the Losties will beat Nemesis to it, rescue Des and run.
    Then Nemesis gets there, looks down an Des-empty well – and then the camera cuts to the running Losties who hear Cerberus’ roar in the distance! What do you think..?

    As for Nemesis going in the water – I’ve thought about this too. The first thing we hear about him is – “there’s a man standing in the water..” And the rain, drinking as so forth – we could all asume he wasn’t “allergic” to water but…

    I too though was actually suprised by the lack of reaction or…..well, something.
    But after looking back, this is what I think. He perhaps isn’t very good with water – as in example(how silly it may sound)he can’t swim. See, I found it curious that it took him such a long time to get up – when obviously – he seemed fine(pissed, but fine) He can’t drown off course, but still, it wouldn’t take me more than, maybe 2-3 seconds to get back up to the surface if knocked in the water.

    I just rewatched it(took him even longer than I thought), and between the time he gets knocked in to he gets up,Kate’s been shot, major gunfire and they made it as far as picking Kate up and bringing her to the sub – THEN he gets up(noticeably struggleing – and note than we never see him swim – he came up right by the dock)

    Now, here’s the important peice –
    upon seeing the pissed look on his face – I thought, damn, he’s gonna go Cerberus all over everybodys asses!
    But he didn’t…I’m pruposing he can’t take on his smoke form when he’s wet!
    Does that sound far-fetched? I’m thinking there are rules dammit – bayon-trees are safe havens, ash of different sorts repels it – as do sonic fences, he/it soars above the ground, yet apparently “they’re” bound to it(can’t jump/fly over fences – or water for that matter) he can take on the appearence of any dead person(I can’t recall for sure, but I think he Told Jack that he even needed their bodies to be on the Island, but I’m not sure)yet no for some reason he’s trapped in this one.

    My point is, there are many rules and whatever, many weird things going on – my take on him and water: Wet, he can’t change, and simply due to his animosity towards water – he can’t swim!

  7. AngiveL – I am onboard with the idea of Flocke being unable to assume his Smokey persona when wet. I couldn’t figure out why Sawyer made it a point to ask jack to get him in the water and then nothing happened. I thought Sawyer must know something… but I bet it is precisely what you wrote.

    As far as the “Not all of them” are dead comment by Flocke, I assumed it was because they, or rather he, had done this before. Going back to The Incident beach scene, where it only ends once, everything else is progress, it always ends the same, blah blah. I simply thought, okay, MIB/Flocke has already done this before, contained the candidates/Losties, and tried to kill them all, but only a few died. So he knew that and has already laid the groundwork to off the rest.

    Also, I haven’t counted the survivors, but I think we have been shown four right? I was wondering if the numbers also show the reduction in numbers of candidates. As in, were there eight before the submarine explosion? And now there are four? Lapidus kind of blows this idea as I think he is crucial and not dead.

  8. @IAMJACOB – isn’t that what would happen if they would just “legalize it”? a giant cloud of smoke would consume the world 😉

    I’m not sure it’s the water, but perhaps he couldn’t leave the tree line because the smoke uses the pockets of Energy to move and form. Now that he has taken a form and Jacob died he can use this body to leave..all part of the plan

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