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Soo, how good was the latest episode ayy?!

Anyway.. I was re-watching the candidate and noticed that Locke took the watch from the dead guy before he enters the plane. We know he later used this watch as a countdown timer on the bomb but why did he take the watch in the first place? Its as if he knew exactly what he was doing.. Or is there some logical explanation to this?

What are your thoughts?

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15 thoughts on “The Watch

  1. or widmore left those 2 guys there (one with a watch) because he knew Flocke would use it….or Flocke has done this before and now is the final iteration (for all the time loop people) – sort of like the movie Primer (great flick for Lost fans)

  2. I’d say it’s a sign that Widmore & MIB may be together perhaps. Maybe not willingly but b/c they both can help each other out.

    MIB gets off the island and Widmore gets to keep the island.

  3. Good observation. It seems to point to Widmore and Flocke working together – but why does Widmore need the show of appearing to be against him? Or why didn’t Widmore just kill all the candidates when they were in the cages?

  4. Don’t the candidates have to kill each other? I’m not sure Widmore can kill them.

    And I don’t believe MIB like each other but both want something and need each other to get it.

    I mean WTF did Widmore leave the generator OUTSIDE of the pylons for? Kind of defeats the whole purpose.

  5. If the candidates have to kill each other and Sayid didn’t run off with the bomb – would it have gone off, or would Sawyer just be the one who floated to the top?

    Widmore/MIB. Didn’t FLocke say something to the effect of ‘he’s one of my people’ back in the 50s? Didn’t Widmore tell Locke something about a war breaking out and Locke ‘not wanting to be on the wrong side’?

    The two are in cahoots. MIB manipulates people by playing both sides against the middle and a + for whoever noted that Widmore’s magic pylons weren’t structurally strong enough to ever keep MIB away.

    Agreed. MIB can just get off and Chuckie probably never wants to … loving the ultimate power of being the new MIB.

  6. I believe that ‘if’ Saywer wouldn’t have messed with the bomb it wouldn’t of went off. But since he did the bomb is ‘live’ sort to say and in play which is exactly what MIB was planning.

    Is this when Claire realizes MIB’s intentions and for some reason in the ALT world changes Aaron’s name to Jacob?

  7. @stldynamite
    concerning your comment about generator outside pylons..I don’t think that matters, because Sayid turned off was only to hold back Smokey… I know the pylons can also parylize people by sound..but maybe Sayid plugged his ears…he entered through the pylons before when he captured Desmond..

  8. just saw episode again and watched that scene… I’m thinking it was to show Flocke was a step ahead. He realized there was a bomb on the plane BEFORE he went on to the plane, that’s why he took watch off before he boarded.. It wasn’t like he got on plane, realized there was bomb, took bomb, then took dead guy’s watch when he got off plane…

  9. Right, it was more like MIB already had done it before OR he’d been informed by Widmore.

    He knew exactly where the bomb was. He also made no attempt to look for any other bombs. He specifically was deliberate in killing the 2 guards, then straight for the watch and then straight to disarm the bomb.

    And do we know for sure that Sayid went through pylon to capture Desmond?

  10. @stldynamite
    not 100% sure…At that time, the pylons were across the beachfront and dock area, and I’m assuming forming a perimeter through the woods. I’m thinking, Sayid definitely had to cross through that perimeter to capture Des. But he was sneaking around the dock at that time, and could have waited for Zoe and other guy to temporarily shut off the pylons as they crossed perimeter dragging Des into the compound…

  11. maybe he had done it before. Ever seen the movie “Primer”, if you haven’t check it out, great for Lost/Time Travel fans.

  12. it looked like locke knew for sure what he was doing, he took the watch before he even got on the plane, walked directly where the bomb was and took it out. if he didnt know where it was he wouldve needed to look for it more right? it’s a pretty big plane with lots of overhead storage!

    but while i was watching the episode, before we saw locke get on the plane, when he took the watch i thought he was doing it to kinda not let the losties know what time it was. there have been no watches anywhere else and i guess it doesnt matter what time it is but we really have no idea “when” they are right now. for all we know the island can be in 2045 or in 1800. i dont think this is really all that important, but just a thought.

  13. personally i dont think Widmore and MIB are together in any kind of way.

    Widmore has said that if MIB leaves the Island, everyone that you know and love will be gone. Also Sayid told Jack that they will need Desmond’s help and Widmore did bring him back to the Island.

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