I could kill you right now…

I rewatched The Candidate, 2 thoughts/observations:

1.  FLocke told Jack that Jack should trust him because “I could kill you right here, right now..” I know he could just be lying, but what if he’s telling the truth, and that means that he is/was a Candidate too (since only Candidates can kill each other)?  Jack called Locke a Candidate in the alt timeline, maybe we’re supposed to be picking up on that? 

2.  Widmore told Sawyer that he could kill Kate because he had a piece of paper with 4 names on it and Kate’s name wasn’t on it, … Sawyer, Reyes (Hurley) and the Kwons were on the list …. why wasn’t Jack’s name on the paper?  Both Kwons were NEVER on the lists we saw, there was only one… right?

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11 thoughts on “I could kill you right now…

  1. I just had a random thought, what if by replacing Locke, MIB was putting himself in Johns position as a candidate?
    Maybe hes not trying to kill all the candidates, but kill all the other candidates so he is the last one left? Maybe he wants whatever is coming to ‘the candidate’ for himself?

    I do think he was lying about being able to kill them though, otherwise he would’ve done it by now. Jack seemed to believe the bomb wouldn’t harm them, until Sawyer touched it that is.

  2. or to flip the coin again shephards_flocke, what if by becoming Locke, MIB has inadvertantly became a candidate and he himself may be destined to protect the island (due to the rules). Now that would be the ultimate irony!!!!

  3. 1. that would be crazy
    2. Widmore didn’t say 4. He said he had a list. He didn’t mention Jack because Jack wasn’t there. They don’t know which Kwon, so they just protect them both.

  4. I think you guys are missing the major point. Why would Widmore need a list? And better yet, who’d he get the list from? He seems to know so much, he is being guided and knew that he needed to make sure Smokey didnt leave the island. So why wouldnt he have already known who the candidates were? He was already watching people back when Locke was off the island in Tunisia, so he knew who all to watch, so how did he go from watching the Oceanic 6 to needing a list to know who was still a candidate?

  5. theres been a couple of different lists so far. remember ben had a list, goodwin had a list. kate was too flawed to be on one of the lists, jack wasnt on another list (sorry i dont remember these episodes that well, it’s been so long since ive seen them). point being, all those lists had different names, so who’s to say that jacob’s list is same as widmore’s list? and the cave list is the same as the lighthouse list? if you’ve seen the stills people have posted of the lighthouse and the cave some of the names crossed out in one are not crossed out in the other.

  6. We don’t know if it was just one Kwon or both, do we..? Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Ilana say to Sun on the beach that the list says “Kwon” and that she herself doesn’t know if that means she has to protect Jin, Sun or both.. That’s how I remember it – but I could be wrong.

    Nemesis becoming the new Protector of the Island would be totally awesome . I can see Desmond or Jack(probably Jack) pull some mindtwisting trickery(Think Disney’s Aladin, tricking Jafar into becoming a trapped Genie himself)

    Hahaha, and Jack ending up the new Cerberus, taunting Nemesis at the beach for eternity like Jacob used to – only now in reversed roles – that would be sweet awesome irony, hahaha

  7. How can u STILL believe what comes out of Flocke’s lying, filthy, manipulative mouth!!

    I understand where you are coming from but please!! He lied to Richard, Jack everyone throughtout the series. He lies to Claire. He tried to get them to kill themselves (Jack said so, and I said so even before this episode was aired!).

    This guy is one bad dude and manipulates everyone to achieve his goals. He can not kill Jack. if not he would have. It was a double jeopardy as they call it

  8. Nachochris–you are ssssooo right! I haven’t believed anything he’s said from the beginning of the season. He’s definitely “evil incarnate” and as such will go to any length to tempt, manipulate, and convince you to get what he wants. He finds out what your weak spot is and then exploits it. He totally got to Ben–in fact Ben used those exact words many times in the series. (BTW, I also don’t believe the story about his mother.)

  9. So what do you think the whole purpose of that stupid flash sideways was? How did that further the plot? Can anyone tell me when we’re going to understand the point of those stupid flashes???

  10. @lostangela – the flash sideways is finally showing us what is at stake in the war on the Island and the game between MIB/Jacob. The Flash Sideways is the “real world”. Death on the Island is not death, it is just being removed from the game board, you live on in the “real world”. The flashbacks and flashforwards from earlier in the show were from a timeline that was never supposed to exist whether it was created by DHARMA or jacob/mib and The Island and all that stuff is course correction getting everything back to the Real World/Flash Sideways…Or maybe not, who knows

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