Where’s Ben, Richard & Miles?

Just watched The Candidate, which I loved (as I have never seen Titanic!) but where’s Ben? I’ve lost track of Ben, Richard & Miles and even what they were planning on doing/where they were planning on going… can anyone help me out here? Is there anyone else that was in their group? I really hope the Ben story is resolved as his presence & influence have dwindled to nearly nothing.

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5 thoughts on “Where’s Ben, Richard & Miles?

  1. (sorry I have no answer for ya) I was wondering the same actually. I don’t recall how they got seperated whatsoever. If I’m able to find out soon, I’ll drop a line here.

  2. Didnt they split up because Richard wanted to blow the plane and Hurley did not. So jack et al went with with Hurley to find Locke, and Richard and Ben etc had another plan no? To go blow it up etc?

    It seems Hurley was very wrong about going to see Flocke!! Or was he is? Was this the cours eof events that they HAD to follow.

  3. Nachochris, you’re right – I remember that now but it seems like ages ago. You know what? I think there’s real time & Lost time and I’m extra confused because of the one week break, so to me it seems like we left them weeks ago. And I’m worried about them. And Desmond – who obviously talked Sayid around, but he must be starving to death down there by now.

    Also, I’ll be gutted if anything happens to Miles. And Richard & Ben surely deserve some closure, they’ve given enough of themselves!

  4. So, Richard … who swore his allegiance to MIB when the Black Rock crashed and then lost his faith and basically cried out ‘take me I’m yours’ to MIB in the episode they replayed … wanted to blow up the plane.

    And, he’s sitting around with Ben, who’s always out for #1 and lost faith in Jacob aand probably knew where a lot of C4 was ‘cuz he was buds w/Mikhail.

    All right before MIB ‘finds’ C4 on the plane. Hmmmmm …..

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