smoking gun…Who killed he Ajira passengers?

It is one of those nagging details the writers saw fit to put into an episode “Recon” that becomes more and more significant to me as we try to sift through who is good or bad.

I favor Ilana and Brams and co.

Zoe and Widmore deny killing them. Zoe tells Sawyer the passengers were killed 48 hours before. This would place Widmore and his people in the submarine before their arrival.

I have doubts that Smokey can move back and forth between the main and hydra islands (notice the sonic fence creates a half ring around the Dharma installations but does not go along the shore? Also, no sonic fence on hydra island,

The last people who were with the Ajira passengers were Ilana and co. just before they set off to the main island with Lapidus and John Locke’s body. Ilana acts on Jacob’s explicit orders without fail. This would suggest that Jacob is a far more sinister character than we have so far been led to believe.


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