Lost = story of every small town

There are people like this in every small town everywhere. There’s the Jacob types that are born in one town, grow up in the same town, raise their family there, and die there. They have no desire to leave or to see what else is out there. Then there are the mib types, the kinds that are itching to get out, these are the ones that come to LA or NY every day looking for something else in the world, wanting to get out of their little corner and see what else is out there.
Personally I would say the Jacob types are stupid… Ok ok I’m gana shut up with this.

Thoughts on the episode:
– I’ve been telling you all they’re not evil and good! If anything, now I would say they are ignorance and enlightenment. Jacob being ignorance, believing whatever he’s told by the mother, blind faith. Mib is enlightenment, he questions things, he wants to see what else is out there, he’s not trusting like Jacob, he looks for reasons behind things.

-So by jacob throwing mib into the hole he turned off the light, the light that was the “goodness” in people. The mother said that if it goes out here, it goes out everywhere else. So I would say that Jacob is gana keep bringing people to the island to prove that they’re still good even thou he turned off the light, kinda out of his own guilt for Fing up the world. Mib, whose gana come back to life as smokey is gana be like “dude I already told you these people were bad to begin with” and Jacobs gana be like “oh yeah? Let’s play a game and this time I make the rules”….

-I wish there was more to how the temple and the statue came to be. I’m sure they’re not gana go over this, and I’m sure we are just to assume they were just people brought to the island and they just built the temple cuz thats what they had back home just for the F of it.

– another point: so the island brings pregnant women to have kids born on the island, like Claudia the woman from today, Rousseau, and so the most important person from 815 was Claire! And so Arron shoulve been the next Jacob not jack! i know the black rock doesnt really tie into this since there were no pregnant people on there that we know of.

-Oh btw: how awesome was it that they never said mib’s name! Loved it! It’s like mr big from sex and the city (not exactly same type of fan base haha I know) hope it doesn’t end up with a stupid name like in sex and the city!

-also, it really bothered me that they showed jack and Kate finding Adam and Eve! I feel like the lost fans wouldve known regardless, and the people that wouldn’t have gotten that aren’t real fans and didn’t deserve to know lol jk jk. and yeah i said it before that mib was Adam, but i didnt thing Eve was ganna be mommy dearest over there, i thought it wouldve been his love that he lost, like what he told sayid

-oh yeah and I cheated and took a look at the leaked call sheet for the finaly. So now I know who makes it to the end and who doesn’t, but I won’t tell you, I kinda regret doing it :/


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i used to have a life before Lost. i remember a time when i had interests and hobbies, but now i seem to have acquired the ability to talk about Lost theories for 8 hours straight, then when i leave and have to hang out with people who dont watch Lost i find myself relating things they say to Lost. i may need help soon! Lostaholics Anonymous??

9 thoughts on “Lost = story of every small town

  1. The episode has made me more sceptical towards Jacob. I especially had to frown when he jumped on the BIB (Boy in Black), just because BIB wanted to leave…and while he was following his true mother.

    And the way he dragged MIB to the light-cave…he was one angered beast. All because MIB killed their mother, who was indeed a crazy mother…while she wasn’t even the real mother..

  2. So Jacob is indeed the blind follower. MIB just wants to choose his own destiny…and you can’t blame him, knowing his fake mother bashed his real mother.

  3. BTW I totally got the Mr Big reference; I watched the entire SATC series with my wife in exchange for her watching the entire Lost series.

  4. I think this episode most most important in explaining Jacob and Nemesis(still pissed we did’t get his name – I waited for it to the very end – Adam – if nothing else, but no! If there’s no real reason to conceal it for us this far – that’s really bad on the writers part)

    But yes indeed, Jacob does seem to be the sucker(an angry sucker at that) From the beginning I was expecting young Nemesis to be shown as a little Monster, but he really seems like a smart kindHearted boy who just wanted more than what his murderous fake mother(I knew for sure Claudia was dead when “Mother” hesitated showing her first baby Jacob)

    When he wants to leave, Mom kills(tries to)
    him, destroys everything he’s worked for, killing all his people(Anyone else curious though as to HOW one woman did all this? I’m kinda wondering what powers, if any – she had. To whipe out a village, I mean)

    And how does one get these powers?
    Jacob has his touch and what not, yes..?
    Mom said that people are greedy and simply want more and more the Light. What if she herself had like, taken a sip or something..? And when the twins were newborn she took them there to be babtized
    or something like that, making them special.

    Now, It’s an interesting idea that Cerberus(my preference for Nemesis in his Smoke form)is in fact posing as Nemesis.
    That twinbrother Nemesis is really dead(Don’t know how that would work though, they Can’t kill each other, and Mom even said you wouldn’t die, but suffer something worse. Going into the Light)

    One a sidenote is just hit me that Mom may in fact may not have tried to kill him(don’t think she could either, and knew this)she probably just needed him knocked out while she burned the village. Because I was wondering who brought him above bround, must have been Mom)

    Anyways, if it really is Cerberus
    (which I guess would be the “Evil Incarnate” spawned from Nemesis’ (understandibly)Angry Heart/body – “Poisening/putting out” the Light)
    then that would actually explain
    some things about his Locke-Appearance.

    When we learned it wasn’t the real John,
    I looked back at some episodes when he seemed to really resemble John attitude/character. And then later after the revelation – John still seems to “leak out” “Don’t Tell me what to do! – to the young boy/Jacob, right?”

    Now, I already suspected this, but even more now – It is perhaps Cerberus who/”that” is Evil Incarnate – meaning “It” has no own soul, no real personality, or Heart but one put together from dark shards of everyone It encounters/scans,
    I don’t know..

    So even though “He”(“Flocke”)
    hasn’t really experienced/been
    through any of the things he Tells people,
    (Like crazy mom to Kate)
    he really feels as if
    (and perhaps even believes himself)
    he has.

    So I feel it would explain some things
    (but off course raise even more questions)
    I’m truly hoping that wasn’t the last we got to see of the past, way back there, there are still too many questions we have to see(somehow)and not be Told.
    Like what is the Light(Or the Island for that matter)really.. How/When/Why did it come to be..? And who was “Mom”?

    Because I’ll be really pissed if this is all we get, then the Writers have a lot to answer for – and truthfully – being so close to the fans(that is possible to in this internet-era)that we all know Darlton have been from early on – they’ve known what expectations(or rather – Questions)we’ve had.
    I mean when you have a show with: Mystery, Connection, and Reason – as basis, you’d have to be really stupid(or greedy)to keep piling questions if you never had an answer for it ready.

    I was indeed happy about the revelation of Adam and Eve – but not impressed.
    It didn’t do anything to push the story forward really.
    It was a mystery I would have bitched about if they hadn’t answered it.
    But when they’ve said that they’ve had a plan a long time, and that we’d be like – Wow, damn, they thought that far ahead! – I truly hope Adam and Eve’s identity wasn’t their “big reveal”

  5. Lol what if his name is actually Brother? Remember in Kill Bill when Bill kept calling her “kiddo” and we find out her name was actually Beatrix Kiddo? LOL but, seriously, he doesn’t have a name. Get over it.

  6. I like your theory about Aaron..that he was supposed to be the next Jacob… This would explain the emphasis on why Claire had to raise him, otherwise, he would be raised as a guardian of a stupid island!!

    Also, I like the idea about the island bringing pregnant women…although I also agree that it doesn’t explain the Black Rock..maybe that was just for Richard…since everyone else died anyway…

    And sadly, I agree that the writers will probably skip over how the statue and temple were built =( I guess we are to just assume people came and built it like you said… That’s why I feel the whole beginning of this season with Dogen and the hippie and the magic healing pool was all a bunch of filler crap – because they aren’t going to explain any of it anyway!

    I’d also like Dharma fully explained – why and for what purpose they came…my understanding of it now is only thanks to lostpedia! sigh..

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