How MIB built the wheel “Knowledge”

For the record. I thought last nights epsidoe was pretty good. Seems like a lot of people really weren’t into it. I think it gave us one last round of theorizing before the end begins. I also think it really put into perspective the vast majority of the show. Anyways, onto the theory.

I believe it was shown that MIB knew how to build the wheel because his dead mother was showing him how. “Im Special” means “I see dead people”. Which I think brings up some very interesting ideas.

The light under the island (I believe it to be a meteor). Is related to life/death and was refered to as “the source”. We saw the fake Mother last night transfer the duties to Jacob. This happened with the bottle of wine. I’m thinking that something happened here under the hood. Jacob was actually changed there. Just like MIB was changed when he came in contact with the light. I think whatever Jacob drank was partially the water with the light. He was made immortal in some way, and most importantly got knowledge. I could be looking too much into this. If you watch his face when he drinks it. It looked to me like he had a moment of revelation. A flood of knowledge came to him. Then the fake Mother says “We are the same now”. I kinda took that as meaning they now shared the same knowledge.

This also seems to mirror what Smokie can do. Smokie seems to me like he embodies the dead. Like he is the wealth of all the dead knowledge. He knew John Lockes thoughts when Ben was stranglin him.

My point here is that they are both part of that light. Jacob drank the wine and got his gifts from the light. MIB actually came in contact with it and became Smokie.

I love it!

All I want from Lost at this point is a glimpse of what the “light” actually is. Hopefully good ol Desmond will be the man. I just want some cool Indiana Jones sequence where they go deep under the island and we see some crazy ruin !@#$!

What is that damned light?

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2 thoughts on “How MIB built the wheel “Knowledge”

  1. Good thoughts Lostitute. I like the idea that his dead mother is the one who showed him how to build the wheel to interact with the “source.”

    But I’m very curious about this… since Fake Mom filled up the well he was working in, and the wheel was still far from being finished, how did continue to build it? Did he continue his work after being killed?

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