I Think I Got It

Smoke Monster is trying to get back to the Source. He’s not really MiB. He was just using that form to communicate with Jacob and at some point got stuck in his present form the same way the current manifestation is stuck in Locke’s body. Similarly, as MiB was to inherit the Island but turned away and left Jacob as the only option, Locke was to inherit the Island only to lose his way and leave Jack as the next option. Chances are Jack will find his way to the Source by accident and Smokey will try and head back down there…or possibly find someone to take the plunge and replace him.

Side note: Since Jacob’s name is similar to Jack, I’m thinking MiB’s real name was something close to John, like Jonah or something. Just a thought…

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8 thoughts on “I Think I Got It

  1. My belief is that the Smoke Monster was created when Jacob’s brother floated into the Source. The Smoke Monster is some sort of physical entity that is inhabited by Brother’s soul; his new “body”.

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