Great episode! No, bad episode. Wait, what?

Didn’t like the latest episode at first, then I watched it again and started to come around but now…

Can someone do their best and please try to answer the questions below for me?

1) Did MIB getting thrown into the cave of light “release” the smoke monster? Or was the smoke monster simply pissed that some corpse came floating into his chamber?

2) Using your answer from above, when MIB as a teen saw his mother Claudia, was that the smoke monster?

There must be more than one smoke monster on the island. I wonder if each time an individual dies on the island, a new smoke monster is hatched. I wonder if the once your “light” is extinguished, that energy becomes a smoke monster.

3) Adam and Eve: They are supposed to be MIB and crazy mother right? Weren’t they found by our Losties wearing DI uniforms? Who dressed them? Why? When? Different bodies perhaps?

How many more episodes do they have to answer this stuff?

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The Apostle

Originally from a town near Seattle, WA, now living in Memphis, TN. Yikes. Late bloomer when it comes to Lost, started watching based on the recommendation of a friend near the middle of the third season. I think. I then raced through the episodes online and have since gone through the seasons 3X. Not sane. I work as an engineer and grappling is a huge passion of mine. I am both excited, to see how it all gets explained, and sorry, I don't want the show to end, to have this be the final season.

4 thoughts on “Great episode! No, bad episode. Wait, what?

  1. Were they wearing Dharma coveralls? I thought so but was not sure. Have to watch the episode again.

    If so, it shows that the writers are not paying attention to details the way fans do. Also shows that they are making it up as they go and changing a lot of the original plans they may or may not have made from the start.

    Personally I think their whole “We do not want to explain everything to preserve the essence of the mystery of Lost” is a cop out so they will not have to admit any mistakes or or changes they brought “en route”…

  2. These are just my own personal thoughts on what happened in this episode.

    1. I think when Jacobs brother went into the light, it created the Smoke Monster. I’ve always thought the writers would show us how the Smoke Monster came to be, and if this isn’t it then they’re going to have to find a way to fit it in in the next 3 episodes (not likely). I think there was something in the light that merged with Jacobs brother which created Smokey. Even though Jacob found his brothers dead body, his brothers soul was now in Smokey.

    2. I think their real mother was one of those who had trouble passing on, and Jacobs brother had a gift similar to Hurley that allowed him to see dead people. Afterall, if it had been smokey, wouldn’t Jacob have seen her aswell?

    3. I don’t think they were found wearing Dharma uniforms. I think we were only introduced to Dharma in Season 2.

  3. I actually thought they had the DI gear on too…half the reason I thought it would be someone we know….guess I was wrong too.

    trinity…good to see you, good point about DI not being introduced until second season.

  4. I really don’t recall seeing any Dharma clothes on them. If they were dressed that way, wouldn’t there have been a ton of theories about Adam and Eve being some specific Dharma folks instead of Rose and Bernard?

    Anyway, I’m a firm believer that the ghost of Claudia was NOT Claudia. I’m going to once again embarrass myself here, and somehow piss some people off in the process…..I think it was indeed the smoke monster.

    Wouldn’t Claudia’s real ghost say something like, “I love you guys” or “How’s Jacob’s rash doing?” or “I’m so sorry I can’t be with you.”? Claudia seemed creepy to me, and I still believe the sole reason for her showing up to MIB was to put some temptation in his heart.

    I know now that it’s ridiculously ubsurd to think that Smokie existed before MIB headed towards the light, but I’m sticking with it like I’m sticking with Jacob having bad intentions.

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