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Written 14th May

Ok, so this is sort of a fusion of a few other ideas floating around…but here we go…

So, we are pretty sure now that Eve (Fake Mom) was also a crazy-ass black smoke monster, much like Flocke. She was able to manipulate everything from the very beginning in order to get MiB to kill her (she thanked him before she died). She was unable to kill herself, and thus had to have a candidate kill her. Another theory floating around was the idea that Flocke didn’t actually physically want to leave the island. He just wanted to die.

Ok, so what if the Black Smoke monster just wants to get back to the “light”? The “monster” keeps getting trapped in the body of a dead candidate. After Eve was killed by MiB, the monster finally went back…until Jacob killed MiB and sent his body into the light. Now the monster was back out, and it just wanted back in.

Now, here’s another thought. Smokie can only be killed by the current protector of the island. He knew that Jacob wouldn’t do it, and so he set out to kill Jacob (loophole, etc.). With Jacob dead, he needed the get a replacement for him, and get the new protector to set him free.

So, what if he was not trying to kill all of the candidates in the sub. He just needs one candidate to survive. Now, Smokie’s no fool. He knew that Sayid didn’t really kill Desmond, and that he is still trapped in the well. He just needs to get all the others out of the way, leaving a final candidate to replace Jacob, kill him, and finally be free.

Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms?

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4 thoughts on “Just a Thought…

  1. “we are pretty sure now that Eve (Fake Mom) was also a crazy-ass black smoke monster”

    -Why do people keep saying this? Did we see evidence of this and I missed it?

  2. Well, I was kind of just going with the fact that she miraculously managed to destroy and entire village of well armed people by herself….

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