My last theory cos it’s the End of an Era

Hi guys!

Now that we’re in the last week of Lost, I thought the best way for me to say my goodbyes is to give one last theory about my thoughts on the show. Usually I study my theories and actually have a solid point but this one is just a random uneducated guess and doesn’t focus on one sole point or theory just all over the place random thoughts. I’m a fan who doesn’t need all the questions answered in the show, just enough to leave me satisfied and able to comprehend at least most of what is going on. But I also don’t want to be spoon-fed and have all the answers pushed haphazardly into the finale. So I have also added a wee list (lol u can tell I’m Scottish with the ‘wee’ huh?) of questions/mysteries I have in my head and hopefully at least these ones will get answered in the last two and a half hours still to go. Fingers crossed.

PS-I’m quite emotional typing this and it’s definitely the End of an Era for me 🙁

Anyways here goes…
Having watched Across the Sea, a thing that stood out to me was when Jacob says to Mother “you always preferred ‘him’,” as in MIB, and she replies with something like ‘yes but it was you all along and I know that now’. Well I was trying to relate this somehow to our Losties, and how even though we are getting the list of candidates narrowed down to a mere few, people are believing Jack to be the candidate, especially when Sayid says ‘it’s going to be you Jack ‘. I have this feeling that there is going to be some big twist in the story that turns out that Jack is not the chosen candidate but someone else like Sawyer or Hurley turns out to be the One, or Desmond, or even Kate though she is not a candidate, and Jacob realises this at the last possible point. I have no evidence to back this up and only came up with this theory cos I rewatched Across the Sea so many times that I started to think too much into it all. Please feel free to rubbish my guess but as this is my last ever theory I’m hoping at least something I have said here or in my past theories might come true. Here’s hoping lol.

Okay so now for things I would like to be answered. I’m sure that the more important theories such as the Alternate Timeline and the Candidacy will be answered and this is why I have only theorised on the smaller things as the two big ones have been debated over and over and it’s just a little over my head. I have made a list of things I would like to see answered and have put next to them my mini theory that are really not well studied so sorry for errors on my part.

First of all Walt. Let’s face it Walt is special. Sure some of the Losties have special powers (seeing the dead etc) but Walt just had something special about him from the start. The electromagnetism thing he has I think can be related to the Islands properties and a bit like Desmond’s power. I think looking back on his backgammon conversation when Locke told him a secret, there is something definitely special about Walt and I would like to know why he is special and also what the secret Locke told him and also why he didn’t need to return to the Island. I have no guesses on this one as it’s still a freaking mystery to me.

Vincent is my fave character in Lost. After smoky turned out to be the MIB, a lot of people speculated that Vincent was spy for MIB or even one of his apparitions. I believe he is a normal dog and that dogs have the ability to sense things that are not seen/felt by humans, and that he was guided or manipulated by either the man in black or Jacob. As he was more than coincidently present at lots of major scenes in the first few seasons. I also hope that Vincent lives happily ever after, even if our Losties don’t.

Pregnancy issues may have always been a small issue but I think maybe Jughead happened to mess about with the fertility of the inhabitants after the 70’s. Or as I have theorised ever since the Incident where we saw Jacob and MIB, that the problems are in that a Woman’s immune system attacks baby, whereas guys sperm rate is increased. Could this represent the power struggle of MIB and Jacob on the Island?

I would like to find out more about Miles, Frank, Rose and Widmore and Eloise as I feel their stories have not been fully answered. I don’t have any theories about them individually but I think that they are just pawns in the in the game and when their ‘job’ is done we will see them briefly in redshirts before they go BOOM! Lol

I would like to find out what the Hurley bird was and if it was real or MIB apparition. Or maybe Jacob? Whatever it was it was a cool looking bird! And what’s with the ashes? How can they protect against Smoky, and who do they belong to? Not Jacobs ones the first ones used at the Cabin and by Illana and her team? Maybe they belonged to another protector; don’t think its Mothers though cos she is skeleton in cave. Maybe one that won’t be answered who knows? Also on this note who was Illana? I think she was just sought out by Jacob at young age to fulfil her purpose on the Island and she saw him as father figure cos he was always in her life when she was younger.

Also why is Aaron special? Why did psychic say different things to Claire? I think he was sought out by Jacob in a way to change his mind so it meant that Claire got on Oceanic flight. Just another move in the game by Jacob I believe.
Lastly, Kate and why she isn’t a candidate? This is the only one where I have went over it in my head any haven’t been able to pan out a theory as to why she is not a candidate. I hope it gets answered and I hope it was not in front of our faces all along cos then I will be kicking myself.

Anyways that’s all folks and thanks for the best Lost theory page on the Web. Would like to add that this website wouldn’t have been the same without everyone, especially A.E.S, dabiatchishere and Highbrow who remind me of the American idol judges. One is nice to everyone, one gives his knowledge of the subject in depth, and the other just hates everyone lol x not saying who is who but I love u all and u and others have made the website what it is. Thanks to Admin who has run a great site. All the best and hope u all like this x x x

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Written by

Stephanie Deacon

Hi I'm Stephanie from Glasgow in the UK. Love Lost and even though it's due to end I know we will keep it glowing in our hearts x Much love for the best theory site on the Web x Stephanie x

7 thoughts on “My last theory cos it’s the End of an Era

  1. You can never be sure about anything on Lost, epsecially candidates but c’mon from day one (well, after Michael Keaton got scratched out and they rebooted) Jack has been the man (much to a lot of people’s dismay, I really wanted it to be Locke)to which has been singled out and chosen to lead and fix things along the way. This season hasn’t been about twists and turns, its been pretty straight forward, so dont, unless you want to be disappointed, dont expect any huge last minute twists, the story is coming to an end, there is no more time, nor a need for suspense, as the promos have said this season, the time for answers is now, even if they are trite, contrary and spoon fed to us, and really just baby bird food that was made from recycled theories that they found on sites much like this one. Happy Lost Finale Week.

  2. Nice post – very touching. I’m not ready to think about letting go just yet…

    As far as the questions you pose – all very good. I’ll be quite pleased if we get at least half of the questions you posted answered… and we can continue to debate about the rest…

  3. Steph…I feel your pain.
    Dont get me all teared up now…do you know how big the tears are that come out of this thing?

    Great final theory.

    I cant agree more about Jack NOT being the candidate.
    I really think he is not supposed to be. All of the people you named have great potential…but I still hope it is Locke in the long run.

    I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope and think that we will get some answer for Walt by the end…even if its just a cheesy “flashback” like we saw with the stones…

    I ALWAYS thought the last thing we see on Lost would be Vincent standing alone on the island…I thought it would be a wonderful way to end the show…and regardless of what happened to ANYONE else…we woul be able to sit back and say “Awww…Vincent is OK.”

    I think the prego issues will be covered by Jugghead…but it may have been neccesary to stop the island from sinking…if Jugghead did NOT sink the island, but neutralize the energy and keep it afloat.

    Just posted something about Widmore in “Questions”…I feel the same way.

    I NEED to know what happens to Rose and Bernard on island.
    I can assume the worst, but maybe their good nature, and “none of my beezwax” mentality will save them in the end.

    I think Kate is the wildcard…she is the one who may ultimately save them in the end.
    I cant help but think of her playing a role much like “mother”…she raised anothers kid, and with all the “Joan Hart” alias this year, she could very well have some magical tricks up her sleeve…
    She is a great mystery for me, and I really am excited to know her role.

    Aaron…Aaron, Aaron, Aaron…yes…we NEED answers.

    Someone recently suggested a portal of sorts for MIB…I think its quite possible.

    I cant help but think about when they first arrived and he stopped kicking. And how he started kicking again when she ate the fish from the ocean.
    I also think about Claires dream in the first season. the one where Locke tells her she shouldnt have given away, while the crib is filled with blood.
    I also cant help but think that may have been MIB connecting through her sub-conscious from another life or time…

    Highbrow pops in every now and then…I was hoping to get his attention with my recent “Amy” post…practically the reason I wrote it…feeling nostalgic…

    I guess I wouldnt comment either if I knew I was wrong…

    I also wish “Paula” was here more…I really do…I miss here quite a bit…

    Now am I the smart/wise guy…or the angry hateful guy?…no…no…dont answer that…it wouldnt be very nice…

    Ill miss you Steph…I really will. I always appreciated you comments and theories…and damn if you didnt make this one your best!

    I have to tell you…now dont cry…

    But I wear a Scotland shirt sometimes to watch Lost (now before you make fun of me…how much time do you spend on LOST?), and have always said its for Desmond Hume
    …from now on it will be for you…

    I said DONT cry…
    Ok…now go ahead and tell which is the hateful one and which is the knowledgeable one…

    Great theory, and although I WANT and NEED the end to come on LOST…even if it only happens once…
    I hate that THIS will end.

  4. I think in order for someone to end up as “THE” candidate, they will have to step and take the job. I cant see Hurley stepping up and deciding to be the one. Ive ALWAYS wanted Hurley to be a big hero at the end, and when the question was posed, “what lies in the shadow of the statue?” and was answered with “He who will save us all” I hoped to god that it turned out to be Hurley. He has always been the purest soul, the kindest and most caring person on the show. But never sure in himself and always a secondary character outside of Locke/Jack Sawyer/Kate earlier on.

    Kate I think is still in the running regardless of being crossed off. But would she want the job? I cant see any reason why she would.

    Sawyer could very well be redeemed by stepping up and saying he wants to finally take responsibilty and becoming the new protector. Would his off island daughter influence his decision though?

    Jack we all know already thinks he is meant for the job and wouldnt hesitate.

    But the one everyone wants to see get the job…..the one some people including myself thought would never be in the position to get the job, is Locke. He IS dead, and peoples logic was that he would have his mind travel from the FSW somehow and would be back on the island. Or something like that anyways. I never bought it. BUT! The light on the island is Life…..Death….and Rebirth….. What if they threw Locke’s body into the Waterfall of Light? Yes, very morbid, but I think it would be great.

    Bottom line is though, I think if there is a protector chosen, it wont last long, and I think that new Jacob will use some trick to sink the island. Maybe even having to die to do so.

  5. I’m the nice one, right?


    Seriously, I love this show and this site has been awesome… I love the discussion, even with the people I don’t agree with… AES and I would agree more if he didn’t post drunk so often. I saw right through his ‘Amy’ post for the bait that it was…

    I kid, really.

    There’s a lot of stuff in this theory!

    The pregnancy issue, I think, is definitely related to the Swan Station. Maybe related to jughead or maybe not. I think the station and the button pressing might be disrupting the light or access to the light… something like that.

    I like Vincent too and I’m kinda pissed that we haven’t seen him in a while… I hope we see him again… I think we will.

    Aaron seems like the character they had plans for then dropped, and that worries me. They won’t do that, will they? I think (hope) that Aaron will be back in the story tonight, or at the very least on Sunday. If Jack isn’t the candidate (I think he is) then I think it’s Aaron and I think it’ll be Jack who raises him on the island to become the protector.

    Walt is special but I think they brought Desmond in to fill that role on the island… maybe he’ll be back, maybe not. Who knows?

    I doubt the Hurley Bird will ever be revisited. I think it was the smoke monster though.

  6. This was a great read! I still think Locke will come back somehow and become the protector of the island. His body is still buried on the island and as it was said
    “nothing on this island stays buried for long”. I was thinking that the reason Locke was able to walk from the crash was because Jack will fix Locke’s spine in tonight’s episode (Maybe Sunday) and that will also affect MIB in the other timeline

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