What I’m afraid of.

I basically started this just so that people would have a place to vent about what they are feeling coming up to the finale.

I didn’t enjoy “across the sea” and because of it I fear lost’s demise. But I must continue! after giving the show over 100 hours of my time I think I deserve to know the end, just as all of us. And even though I think it might suck, we have to remember that the only reason “across the sea” upset people was because of it’s proximity to the end after such a heartfelt episode that killed 3 of the main characters who have been with the show since day 1.

My feeling is that it would’ve been better if they used this “episode” in some flashbacks around the finale or during the entirety of the season, Darlton did describe the whole series almost like the harry potter books where each book was about something new and different. And if anyone has read the harry potter books you know how amazing the last one was and how super terrible the epilogue was. I also remember disliking the other 40 days (I think that’s the title) mainly because it was a flashback episode that felt choppy and unplanned as well as out of place, and I still feel very strongly about the finale of season 2.

So we’re back to following our remaining fellow losties, on Tuesday its the pre series finale and the following Sunday, which sadly I am working :(, is the two and a half hour series finale! Funny side note, my boss laughed at me when I told him why I wanted Sunday off… I shoulda lied. So just as long as the episodes are character based, answer questions and leaving mysteries because, lets face it if they hand feed it to us then there’s nothing left for us to think about when the show is over.

I’m TERRIFIED! I honestly cannot think about what it might feel like to know that all the hours I’ve invested in lost are wasted.

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8 thoughts on “What I’m afraid of.

  1. Even though I personally liked “Across the Sea” a lot, I totally understand your worries.

    Lately, I’ve been in a better mood about the finale. The reason is basically because the show’s getting interesting again. My biggest concern is this: Even though it’s getting interesting again, it’s literally going to be over within a week. How am I going to feel about how it ended?

    It’s a legitamate concern for any Lost fan right now. What if the writer’s seriously screw the pooch on this, and deliver a finale that answers nothing and just throws us way off course.

    This season’s been full of lies as it is. There’s reason to believe that there’s going to be a major letdown in terms of answers. HOWEVER…..three and a half more hours is still a lot of time……

    Obviously, I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m anxious though. And yeah, if the finale is a major letdown somehow, I’ll have no problem complaining with ya. I just don’t think it will be.

  2. We are going to be left with many questions. The thing is, we can kind of answer them on our own. I think the simplest answer has to be considered the answer for all the unanswered mysteries. And it will give people something to talk about.

  3. @ Penelopedean

    Which we all must agree that is terrible. 6 years of suspense and mysteries to be left with a open end in my opinion is a long con. And in my humble opinion that would clearly show that the writers didn’t really knew what they were doing or talking about all along.

    Season 6 should be all about connecting the dots and yet no dots were connected at all. They keep doing what they’ve been doing since the very beginning. Which is to raise thousands of questions and only answer those which will allow them to raise even more questions. If LOST ends being just that we were conned by the cheapest tactics one could use.

    In two episodes we will know how bad the deception was. Because at this point is pretty much guaranteed that we will be deceived to a certain extent.

    Anyways… only a week and we will all know what all these years have been about.

  4. locked – Too true. I totally figured by now in this here final season, we’d know more than we do.

    It’s not just that there are tons of questions in general left to be answered, there’s some seriously important ones that I’m not seeing the writers having anough time to get around to.

    -What’s Widmore really up to?
    -Is Ben gonna have another part in this show?
    -What’s Richard gonna do to find an end to his “hellish” life?
    -What does being the candidate even really mean? Gaurding a ball of light that we don’t understand?
    -When’s Miles gonna die?
    -How long have Jacob and MIB been on the island? (Not important, but kind of crutial to the story you’d think.)
    -What’s the light?
    -What’s Smokie?
    -What’s the ash do?
    -What’s Jacob’s true intentions?
    -What’s the healing water, how’s it work?
    -What’s Desmond’s importance?
    -What’s the deal with this ridiculous alternate universe?
    -What’s Aaron’s role in all of this? Don’t tell me it’s been NOTHING all along.
    -Why can Hurley and MIB see “dead” people when others can’t.
    -What tropical species was the Hurley Bird? (totally joking)

    Every single one of these questions are rather important in the story right now at THIS moment. I see no way for them to even wrap half of these up in 3 and a half hours without making the story flow at an embarrassingly fast pace.

    All of this is what we have to be concerned about. On the other hand though, if the story’s intriguing enough, and the ending is mega-epic, I’d probably consider myself satisfied with all of it no matter what.

    I’d want the writers to answer some things though at some point down the road. Like locked said, we don’t want to see the writers just making stuff up as they went.

    If it turns out that the writers were just making stuff up season to season, they better go into hiding forever. There’s a lot of serious Lost fans in this world.

  5. Chief, you seem postively upbeat, have you been reading spoilers or something? what happen to compadre in arms who lamented his dislike for the choppy and shady bullshit that has been going on lately? I am glad you are happy and sastified at any rate and hope the finale leaves you that way as well.
    I could answer of those questions right now but I wont. Are you planning a massive rewatch?
    Okay, coming to darlton’s defense again, to make a show as good as lost you dont neccessarily start off knowing EVERY single little detail, just gist of it, the characters and their interactions, motivations and things like that, then other ideas evlove organically and you just pray to goodness that it meshes in the end. I definitely dont think that they knew MIB and Mother were going to end up being Adam and Eve, but I definitely thought that they had time travel in mind when I look back at, and why Jack is so off with the how old the skeltons were. Point is, so what, we have wasted 6 years of lives, but it was and weel worth it, even the island is spaceship or Hurley’s delusion or Jack’s dream. I miss Rose, Bernard and Vincent and I want to know what happens to them but if I dont get that answer I will be ok and the world will go on.
    The thing that pisses me off the most is that Darlton are not going to be at comic con, so even if the ending is bad, they can hide and turn off their twitter accounts and get new email addresses and plastic surgery, so I cant hunt them down if I truly hate the ending visualized as much as I hate the written version.

  6. Chief…good questions…

    1-What’s Widmore really up to?
    2-Is Ben gonna have another part in this show?
    3-What’s Richard gonna do to find an end to his “hellish” life?
    4-What does being the candidate even really mean? Gaurding a ball of light that we don’t understand?
    5-When’s Miles gonna die?
    6-How long have Jacob and MIB been on the island? (Not important, but kind of crutial to the story you’d think.)
    7-What’s the light?
    8-What’s Smokie?
    9-What’s the ash do?
    10-What’s Jacob’s true intentions?
    11-What’s the healing water, how’s it work?
    12-What’s Desmond’s importance?
    13-What’s the deal with this ridiculous alternate universe?
    14-What’s Aaron’s role in all of this? Don’t tell me it’s been NOTHING all along.
    15-Why can Hurley and MIB see “dead” people when others can’t.
    16-What tropical species was the Hurley Bird? (totally joking)

    1,2,4,7,8,9,10,11,12, could all actually be answerd in one swoop…by simply incorporating Widmores origin into the rest of the backstory of Jacob and MIb…and also going back to the purge, the swan, and maybe even the infection.

    3-Richard will most likey die, being connected in some way or another to his wife.

    5-Miles will die after one more big reveal…why did Hurley keep some of jacobs ash?

    6-Not important, but if the island time traveled or if they becam immortal makes a difference in not only how long have they been there…but really how long has MIB been trying to go home.

    13-FSW is either the next real world, or “new world” as I like to call it…
    Or it, and the other off island reality are not going to end up being real…I cannot see them existing together.

    14-If they dont answer this…the island may as well be a space ship…

    15-Why can MIB see his mother when Jacob cant?

    16-The Hurley bird will be the key to the whole show, and eventually be Vincent reincarnated…his “bad twin” if you will…

  7. Not only those.

    – What’s the deal between Paik and Widmore if any?
    – What was Walt’s importance to the show?
    – Why Walt attracted animals to him that always end up dead?
    – Why Aaron was so important at one point and now has been completely forgotten?
    – How did the Dharma end up in the island? Where they candidates?
    – What Dharma was really doing at the island?
    – How they (Dharma) knew about Smokey to the point of developing a technology to contain him?
    – What has happened to Christian Sheppard’s body? And why did MIB needed Locks one if he already had Locks one?
    – By whom and when those Egyptian like temples were built?

    And there a way more questions that should be pivotal to the show and weren’t and might never be answered.

  8. cocoadoll – I think I’m just upbeat right now because “Across the Sea” didn’t involve 15 people moving around on an island while accomplishing nothing. It also didn’t have one of the biggest time wasters this show has had in the FSW.

    It wouldn’t be a time waster if we knew what it was by now, but we still don’t have full understanding. I don’t care if it gets a big reveal, or if it’s the most important part of LOST altogether. The writers bogged down this 6th season by incorperating it without giving us a reason to enjoy it. Again, I can’t invest myself into something when I don’t know what I’m seeing.

    ANYWAY…..Yes, I’ll be getting the complete series on Blu-ray when I finally decide to get a BR player. Can’t wait to watch it all and maybe understand it a bit more. So no spoilers please.

    AES – I hope you’re right with 1,2,4,7-12. But at the same time, I just don’t care to hear Widmore’s interaction with the island too much. I don’t like him, I don’t trust him. I’d much rather hear more out of Ben right now. If Widmore ends up having good intentions for humanity, I’ll just be like “Okay, whatever. It’s not like anyone ever saw that coming. He’s a dick.”

    But thanks for clarifying a little on the other questions. Agreed, Aaron still needs a vital role in this show.

    locked – Thanks, those are a few other good ones. Even though I’m giving up on finding out what Walt’s all about, I TOTALLY agree that Dharma could use some explaining. What was up with the Hanso family, and their intrigue for the island?

    I actually feel like we may be getting some answers on Christian’s body, as well as the Egyptian writing though. Just a hunch.

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