Could Oceanic 815 be MIB’s first attempt to kill candidates?

Simple theory here, just a thought..
Remember what Flocke said about Widmore’s attempt to kill all of them on the grounded Aijira plane?
And what Flocke actually did by getting them on the submarine?
Bring all the candidates together, in a confined space, with no way to escape

What if Oceanic 815 was Smokey’s first attempt to confine all of them, and hope they all died in the crash? It would be difficult to orchestrate everything just right to get them all on the same flight (something that you would think only the almighty Jacob could do).

So why didn’t they die in the 815 crash? Well, following the rules of candidacy, only a candidate can kill a candidate; and the pilot of 815, the one ultimately responsible for guiding and crashing the plane, was not a candidate. Maybe Smokey’s plan was for Lapidus, who is a possible candidate, to fly and crash 815 which would have meant all the candidates could have died in the crash..

If this is true, it would be ironic…Because Lapidus didn’t pilot the plane, Jacob successfully brought all the candidates to the island in this way..

I know this theory a long shot, rip it up if you’d like!

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It's 9:00pm, on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010, and The End is near..

5 thoughts on “Could Oceanic 815 be MIB’s first attempt to kill candidates?

  1. If nothing else, that would explain why Smokey treated why pilot in such a rough way, as if he was furious to find out that the pilot was not Lapidus. Remember, Smokey left the bloody pilot in a tree.

  2. i wrote on someone elses post something to the fact that i think the reason why he actually touched all the canidates is so they would not die in the plane crash. i think u are really on to something with your thought. jacob touched them all to keep them from dying cause this is end game…… good thoughts your post has

  3. Interesting to think about it all this way.. I remember seeing Lapidus for the first time as he said he was the one who was supposed to be flying 815.. SUPPOSED to.. meaning, perhaps, that fate was averted.. not sure where it goes from here but interesting to think about him saying that he was supposed to.

  4. I like this alot, perhaps it ment something when (can’t remember what episode but it’s season 4) hurly, locke and saywer are playing risk in dharmaville and hurly says “The key to this whole game is australia”… or perhaps not!

  5. Damn. This has got to be right. Good thinking. Way to put some pieces together. I wonder if this is the “clue” in the pilot episode people refer to. And what another poster wrote about the smoke monster being angry at the substitute pilot seems spot on too.

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