It’s just a name on a wall Kate…

I really enjoyed “What they died for” It wasn’t really an emotional episode,
but I really loved how how the FlashSideWays took off.

And even more the Island events.
Now, thanks to the ash(supposedly)everyone can see Jacob and talk to them,
where he answers some question.
Kate’s theefore asks him why he crossed her name off the cave wall,
to which Jacob simply replies –
Because you became a mother..It’s just a name on a wall Kate – the job is yours if you want it..
Now, even though I really enjoyed that answer at first – I then came to think…
Well, what about Jin and Sun – the Kwans..? Regardless which of them Jacob meant(or both)
they are both, and have been been for three years!
And now little Ji Yeon is an orphant without having ever met her Father..

My question is simple – Why weren’t their names crossed off?

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I may or may not have what is needed for the changing of the World - but regardless, I feel I have the obligation to atleast try..

10 thoughts on “It’s just a name on a wall Kate…

  1. That question you ask right there about Jin and Sun would be one I’d LOVE to see the writers try to answer. I mean, I’m sure they have an answer of some kind, I’m just wondering how ridiculous it would be.

    I appreciated the straight-forwardness of the episode, but it also kind of shocked me a little, and not in a good way.

    Is this show really ending THIS easily? Did Jacob really just gather everyone around to ask them all “Hey guys, who wants the job?” Did he really have to wait this long to do that? Jack had faith a long time ago, and Jacob had to of known that just like he knew everything else was going to happen. Did his ashes really have something to do them all being able to see him this time? LOL. C’mon!

    Apparently I’m just asking for too much now. I guess I just figured the moment someone took over for Jacob would come in a more creative fashion.

  2. I think there’s going to be some more action to come for our new island protector… Maybe it won’t end up being as easy as it seems…

  3. Yeah, I liked the episode – but I do fear for the greater mythology of Lost.

    I mean, really, like you say Chief – did he really have to wait that long to reveal himself and talk to them?

    For a long time we all asumed Jacob never met anyone ever, basically – other than the leader(perhaps, we don’t really know for sure if Widmore Told the entire truth)

    Because he didn’t want to or couldn’t.
    That was not the case, we later found out.

    Now, Jacob is talking about a choice – choosing to do the right thing –
    but really – if someone says: If you don’t do this – it’ll be the End of the World and everyone you ever Loved – that in my eyes isn’t really a choice.

    In the End(no pun intended)I think there will be some enormous confusion(for me at least)regarding certain things – such as simply – Why..? Why all these secrets(Even from Ben – surely at least(even, or perhaps especially Ben) the Leader should be privilaged to info regarding a huge
    Smoke Monster not actually being a controllable Guardian – but rather “Evil Incarnate”
    Everyone at the Temple seemed to know it, Richard(who btw was closest to Ben)knew better than anyone who/what Nemesis was)

    No, truthfully – if Jacob per definition wanted them all to “Choose to do the Right thing by Free Will” then he went about it all wrong.

    Some of their lives(or perhaps all of them) he affected from early childhood(like Kate and Sawyer)pushing them down a path that might have been avoided(so at least in some way, He’s responsible for the “Flaws” he said made them candidates)

    It also hit me yesterday why Jacob “Killed”
    Nadia(C’mon, we all know – he knew, and distracted a Sayid that would have certainly been cautious enough crossing the street – so no – Jacob didn’t save Sayid – he killed Nadia)because he needed
    his candidates to return. Sayid would have never left Nadia so Jacob removed the distraction – presto! Sayid has Lost everyone he’s ever cared for!

    In fact – what’s been Told to us all this time is that they DON’T have a Choice, that they weren’t supposed to leave…
    But they wanted to, they managed to – only to get pulled back – by an Island that “wasn’t done with them”

    Now, when they all arrive to the Island the first time around – jacobs own people are terrorising them, killing and kidnapping. Now, if not on Jacobs orders(which we can’t assume they weren’t)
    then at least surely not without his knowledge.

    So what is up with that..? I mean he wasn’t a ghost no one could see,
    he’s been chillin in his statue all this time.

    Now, couldn’t he just have invited everyone
    and Told them the truth..? Prepare them for what’s to come..?

    He does not..
    Instead their lives get entangled in the Island further – until finally after years of sorrow, having Lost basically everyone they loved or cared for, with no hope of any rescue – they sit by a campfire with a Godlike being who says – now you have to Choose – my Job, or the End of All things…

    Putting the cards on the table, revealing the truth right away(Everything Jacob’s and Nemesis’ “Mother” didn’t do – because, I mean – look where/how it all began..
    Had Mom been upfront about what happens in the light(SMOKE MONSTER)chances are – Jacob wouldn’t have tossed brother in)
    That would have been giving them a Choice.

    But…he didn’t..
    Jacob knows what comes with keeping important people in the Dark(Ha!)it can’t end well – but he decides to still – because he needs the Losties to get involved until they can’t say no..

    I mean, would you have..?
    I’m not saying I’d want the job – but I’d do it off course if no one else did..
    We’re talking the End of the World – who would rather sit quiet and wait for it – or try to do something about it..? That is not a Choice..

  4. Angive – Wow. I just wrote a theory that basically recites exactly what you just commented. We’re thinking along the same path here in terms of Jacob.

    Highbrow – You’re probably right. It’s way too soon to start considering it all to be way too simple. Let’s hope so anyway. There sure is A WHOLE LOT to still cover in less than three hours of show.

  5. Angive – I wish I would have added some of your thoughts into my post. You make good points about what the others did to them in seasons 1 – 3. Why why why Jacob?

  6. I like how they through in the Hurley line, “I’m glad it isn’t me.” if everyone you know is going to die, wouldn’t you do it? shouldn’t they all have stood up? They tried to have Kate, Sawyer and Hurley seem super bummed to show us the gravity of Jack’s decision, but I agree it came off a little bad. Overall I liked the episode mostly because of the FSW craziness. but I don’t think I would like any ending of this show, it was just too good for so long.

  7. Right, the Kwons seem forgotten. Did the Kwons die because Jacob wouldn’t be able to give them proper answers by the fire? How could Jacob ever explain why he brought them to the Island in the first place?

    I’m still holding on to the hope that The End will somehow fix everything and that Jacob is the mastermind behind it all. Otherwise I’ll have to agree with Chief and others that Jacob doesn’t come out as a very nice guy.

  8. The Kwons were also alone when they came to the island. Jin was lost in his work and Sun was planning on leaving Jin. The island brought them back together and made them remember the true love and that brought them together in the first place. Their love made them unsuitable for the island. They were no longer “alone” in the world.

  9. maybe the writers are getting to the point of telling us their belief that we have no free will at all, that everyone is “destined” to be the person they will become and nothing will ever change that? we all knew in the beginning that Jack was always going to be the leader in whatever was going to happen.
    It’s not Fate vs Freewill, it’s always going to be FATE. (even Charlie showed us that when he wrote it on his fingers – but then i suppose he couldn’t fit Freewill on one hand)

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