the alt isn’t really an alt

i haven’t been on here for awhile so something close to this idea may have already been said. The basis of this theory is that the alt takes place AFTER the events we are witnessing now. it’s sort of a flash foward.

Now after last night’s amazing epiosde i have a theory on how this will play out. First, Flocke will succede and sink the island. Gasp yes our friend will be able to finally leave after all these years. However somehow ( don’t know how) after the island is destoryed something happens that springs everyone into what we call the ALT. and heres a twist Locke in the alt. is really flocke! they all get off the island including him i think he knows all along whats happened but for the rest of them they are slowly realzing whats happening. And our good friend locke/flocke is about to get the ability to walk from jack. He’s convinced Ben and jack and everyone in the alt that he’s this great guy but what if he was conning them the whole time. Eventually our alt losties will realize what/who he is and stop him

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3 thoughts on “the alt isn’t really an alt

  1. Great idea, Were it not for the reverse chronology.

    A friend of mine has a really interesting theory that the Alt has already replaced the 2007 reality since Juliet hit the thing with the thing during the thing, etc.

    In other words whatever happens on the island in 2007 has no impact in the “new” real world as long as it stays on the island. Whoever dies on the island just ceases to exist, but their Alter Egos exist independantly. The real disaster would be if Jack or one of the ohers were to get OFF the island and meet themselves. Remember the rabbit? A Cataclysm.

    I told him I liked the theory except for the presence of Desmond and Widmore arriving “after the fact”. All the other characters were on the island or near the swan in 1977 when Jughead ate an electromagnetic hamburger.

    I never posted his theory because I could not account for those people “coming” to the island.

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