“No Ben someone helped ME out”

Written 18th May

This is a bit of a stupid question, but why would MIB tell Ben what he wants to do with the island after promising that he could ‘have it all to himself’?

I know (Pretty sure) that Ben is playing MIB and maybe MIB knows this, we just dont know for sure. MIB seems more for lack of a better word ‘creepier’ than before. but after the telling Ben that he now has no leverage over him. Tell me what you think.

Oh yeah and WHAT THE HELL was that Richard thing all about, he BETTER not be dead (yet anyway) because its like… well what was Ab Aerterno for then? though after being hit with tremendous force like that of a train, theres not much hope there. that would just be one of the most annoying, pointless deaths in lost history; to me anyway unless im proven wrong, which i sincerely hope i am.

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2 thoughts on ““No Ben someone helped ME out”

  1. Maybe Jacob’s magic doesn’t work now he’s dead – except the incantation over water thing that makes Jack like him, of course.

    So, is the only way MIB able to get off the island by destroying it?

    And, yeah, Ben has a plan. He always has a plan.

    Really liked this episode – had the feel of a ‘lost’ episode many this season missed … and the surprise of attacking Richard was part of it … but, yeah, he best not be dead. (Maybe Smokie did it as an effect to drive ‘terror’ into Ben … who he didn’t know always had a plan.

  2. I thought it was strange that one minute Flocke was telling Ben that he could have the island all to himself, and then the next telling him he plans on blowing it up.

    I doubt that’s a good thing to tell Ben and I think this will make Ben wise up and do the good thing.

    Unless of course, Ben is playing a long-con on Flocke and never intended to help him anyway…

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