Smokie’s power over people, the ALT universe & Desmond’s need to wake everybody up

We’ve already had implied that by simply speaking with Flock he gains ‘ownership’ and some kind of power over a character… I predict that at some point Flock will be debating with the Candidates, and by entering into that debate Flock creates the ALT universe and traps all the Candidates in a pre-determined universe of Flock’s creation. At that point it will look like Flock just ‘won’, he’ll be free to give the island to Ben, destroy or or whatever. But Desmond is the ‘fail safe’, and in the ALT universe we’re already seeing him attempting to wake everybody up from the trance, breaking Flock’s universe-trap. Time’s passage and so on are not fixed between the two universes, so the story is free to squeeze or expand anything’s duration. Everything hinges on Desmond getting everyone in the ALT world to realize that they are just speaking with Flock and not living those fake lives.

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