the runway

Written 20th May

I just made a comment about the runway that the others/kate and sawyer built in season 3, and it got me thinking. So Jacob (i assume) told the others to build the runway and again i assume, for the purpose of flight 316 to land on with the Oceanic 6. If he was able to see that people were going to leave the island and needed a way to travel back; is it safe to assume that he knew Locke would be taken over by MIB. He obviously knew his end was near for quite some time, ie picking candidates and what not, but if he can see how this whole thing was going to play out, why allow this plane to come back with Lockes body for MIB to infect. Is it just so jack or whoever would have an opportunity to kill the evil, or just so the losties could fulfill their destinies.

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