Was Miles under a rock or something…..?

Written 19th May

Miles tells Ben when they are trying to find their way to Dharmaville that he had lived in the barracks 30 years before Ben, and that he didnt recognize where they were. Does Miles remember that Ben was also there when Miles was in 1974-77? He (Ben) got shot by Sayid, and it was a pretty big deal around the Dharma village. So how could Miles not remember that he and Ben lived there at the same time?

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2 thoughts on “Was Miles under a rock or something…..?

  1. I thought it was a bizarre comment to make as well, considering all the events that happened in 1977 were only last week to Miles.

    Also, did Ben remember Miles from the 70s? I always thought that when Richard took Ben to the Temple that Ben had somehow lost his memories of those events, which is why he didn’t remember Sayid or Kate etc.

    Then again, we haven’t really been shown anything that supports that Ben doesn’t remember, so he probably does. Which is probably why when Harper tells Juliet “you look just like her” Harper was actually talking about Juliet from the 70s…

    Sorry, I’m getting away from the subject here 🙂

    I feel it was an odd comment to make, but I’m not sure if it’s meant to mean anything.

  2. that’s a good point about Juliet and Harper there Emzi!! well done for remembering that!
    And I’m not too sure about the whole does Ben remember/doesn’t he… It’s a weird discrepency really.. well done for picking up on it!

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